Gators show up to vote


Mira Laing

People wait in line at SF State’s Seven Hills Conference Center to cast their votes in the Midterm Elections on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018. Some students waited in lines for three hours to cast their votes. (Mira Laing/Golden Gate Xpress)

Midterm elections have historically been particularly disappointing with regards to young voter turnout. But this year’s midterm turnout is far higher than typical, and SF State University student voters followed along with the trend today.

Students lined up all afternoon and into the night at the polling place on campus at the Seven Hills Conference Center.

Alandra Cruz a pre-psychology major who couldn’t vote during the last election due to age restrictions said this time around, she was determined to make a difference.

“I’m voting to help make change and to beat out the republicans,” said Cruz while waiting in line at the Seven Hills Conference center.

Other students echoed Cruz’s determination to bring about change.

“It’s the only way to make real change,” said Jarred Finch a sophomore English major at SF state.