Sound meditation community sets their intentions on Camp Fire victims


Earlier this month, California experienced the most deadly and devastating wildfire in state history. Hundreds of miles away in San Francisco, residents battled toxic air quality and continue to offer our support for the victims.

At 8 p.m. on Monday Dec. 3, 2018, the renowned Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Consumption will host a Wildfire Direct Relief Benefit presented by Sound Meditation Presents, a collective of musicians who create sweet, soothing experiences that bring you deep into a meditative state.

With ancient Tibetan instruments: gongs, singing bowls, shamanic drums, chimes, flutes, and more, “we take you on a whirlwind of a journey,” said Guy Douglas, musical director and co-founder of Sound Meditation SF.

“These are the vital times to really come together,” Douglas said. “Anybody out there that has any kind of leverage to bring people together and raise money for this should do it, it’s awful what has happened.”

Sound Meditation SF has organized sold out events held at San Francisco landmarks like Grace Cathedral and the Conservatory of Flowers, about 400 people are expected to be attending their benefit at Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Consumption.

Douglas has been a musician most of his life and has been leading sound meditations for almost 11 years; he partnered up with co-founder and business director Simone Asinovski three years ago to create a recurring meditation event called Sound Meditation Presents.

The two have created a supportive sound meditation community that is non-denominational and focuses on deepening one’s meditation practice with music.

“It’s so simple, it’s where all music came from, pure tonal harmonics,” Douglas said. “It’s amazing, when you don’t have a melody or a rhythm, how these sounds can actually put you in a trance and get you out of your head.

“The sound and the experience are truly amazing, and I’m excited to share it.”

Get tickets for Monday’s event on Eventbrite. All proceeds go to the non-profit Direct Relief, which provides essential medical resources to victims of the Camp Fire.