Rap battle ends in brawl


University police are searching for a man seen fleeing the Cesar Chavez Student Center after a brawl broke out in the midst of a rap battle on May 14, leaving two men with minor injuries.  

According to Emmanuel Vallero, a corporal with the University Police Department, a fight took place between three men at The Depot’s “Off Top Tuesday”.

“I guess it was a rap battle and then it turned sour. One guy threw a punch at another one and it just turned into a big fight,” Vallero said.

Vallero said two of the men involved refused medical attention, but are cooperating with UPD.

Jonathan Concool came to the Depot to have a drink after class and enjoy the freestyle. Suddenly, the music stopped and he said he saw what looked like a mosh-pit.  

“This one guy in particular with long hair seemed to be the instigator. Like throwing punches at everybody and saying that they can’t rap,” Concool said. “And then more people tried to step in and stop it.”  

Concool said the man kept fighting until he was kicked out.

Raymond Pham who was at one of the tables nearby said two guys started fighting out of nowhere.

“The dude from the bar was like, ‘no, you’re not allowed here anymore’ and then the other guy was like, ‘no you shut up’,” Pham said.

He said the men were cursing at and shoving one another.

“One guy was trying to push the dude from the bar back,” Pham said. “And then that’s all I saw. They left the scene.”


Correction: In a previous version, Cesar Chavez Student Center, was misspelled.  Xpress regrets this error.  (May 15, 2019/9:00 a.m.)