The Happy Hour episode 8: THE BAY AREA SHIFT

November 20, 2020

Welcome back to the Happy Hour!

The Bay Area is in for some changes following the 2020 election and the uptake in COVID-19 cases, and hosts Malakai and shaylyn are here to share some positive stories you may have missed these past two weeks. This week they speak with Golden Gate Xpress Arts and Entertainment editor Paul Kelly about his work covering the youngest and first openly LGBTQ+ city council member for South San Francisco, James Coleman.

And they have a new cocktail to keep you warm during this holiday season. Rate and review if you want a tailor-made cocktail too! Listen anywhere you get your podcasts, and find us on Instagram @thhpodcast and on Twitter @happyhournews. Also, the recipe for this week’s tailor-made cocktail can be found here.

Thank you to Arman Billimoria for our theme music. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy this week’s episode. The Happy Hour Podcast is produced in collaboration with Golden Gate Xpress Newspaper and Xpress Magazine at SF State.

Paul’s Stories:

South San Francisco’s youngest and first openly LGBTQ+ candidate for city council (link)

A candidate on the cusp (link)

Reference Material and Background Info:

Oakland Museum of California set to open for the first time in eight months (link)

Oakland Museum of California website (link)

Oakland chef Tanya Holland launches TV show on Oprah’s network (link)

In upset, Oakland’s Moms 4 Housing activist beats incumbent for city council seat (link

Moms 4 Housing website (link)

Judge Recommends $8,625 Penalty Against Oakland Councilmember Lynette Gibson McElhaney for Ethics Violations (link)

CDC Says Masks Protect the Wearer, Not Just Other People (link)

Saying No to a COVID-19 Thanksgiving? How to Break it to Family (or Friends) (link)

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