Christian operatives assert racist claims at SF State

Nearly 100 students gathered to protest the group’s presence.


Lisa Moreno

SF State students gather around Christian protesters in the Quad on Aug. 25. (Lisa Moreno / Golden Gate Xpress)

Nameless Christian operatives stormed the Quad at SF State Thursday around 3:30 p.m. to assert conservative and racist “guidelines to enter heaven.” 

The group of six declined to say which church or organization they belonged to, but claim to have attended various colleges across the world, such as CSU Fullerton. 

Brian, a member of the group who declined to give his full name, held a sign reading “warning, Jesus haters, drunkards/liars, sexually immoral, murderers/ thieves, blasphemers, idolators/ unbelievers, general sinners, eternal hell awaits! Repent and trust Jesus to be saved.”

Nearly 100 students gathered around the protesters to dance, play music and question the true intentions of the Christian group. 

Senior Program Coordinator and advisor, Monolito Twyman, stood in the crowd to ensure students were safe. 

He believes the nameless group came to SF State to agitate students and record them. Two of the Christian members held cameras to live broadcast the event.

While holding the sign, Brian claimed that the students in the crowd could not go to heaven. 

“There is no ghetto in heaven, you have to stop being ghetto,” he told a Black student. “There’s a definition for it but I can’t give you one.”

First year student Alexandra Rose-Blake stood in the Quad throughout the protest. 

“I think they just came to argue with students about more progressive beliefs,” she said.

But despite the conflict, students continued to laugh at the group and play music even after they left.