02 May 2018

Holes in your paycheck: How potholes in SF are ruining cars

Driving in San Francisco can have serious consequences for cars, especially when driving over potholes. “I don’t notice them until I run over them when it’s too late, then I

18 Apr 2018

More maintenance, less problems

Knowing how to do basic automotive maintenance is just as necessary as being able to manage homework, work and having a decent social life. Although it might require you to

04 Apr 2018

Amazon Barbershop shootout

 Tensions were high at the town hall meeting at Balboa High School regarding the police-related shooting of a 21-year-old man at a barbershop in the outer Mission as an

28 Mar 2018

Computer Science leans in

Gender representation is an issue in the forefront of the social justice conversation with trending topics like  #Metoo and #ShePersisted. Representation in the sciences has been a contentious issue for

15 Mar 2018

Press for progress

Women gathered to share their stories, hardships and life experiences. These women carry stories. Stories of resilience, perseverance and the notion that while women have come so far, the work

21 Feb 2018

“Just take your s—t with you”

Mission Dolores Park, a cornerstone for residents and popular hang-out spot for tourists, is littered with trash and empty bottles from the day’s recreational activities. The state of the park

14 Feb 2018

Attempted Burglary at SF State

A male broke into an SF State female’s apartment while she was inside. After the man broke in he then fled the area. There were two other females at the

13 Feb 2018

San Francisco’s higher taxes on cannabis

Adult use of cannabis is legal in California because of Proposition 64, which means anyone over the age of 21 can now purchase marijuana for recreational use, at a cost.

07 Feb 2018

Expensive city, expensive commute

Not all students at SF State have the luxury of living on campus or even in San Francisco. Students travel from all over the Bay Area, including Alameda, Marin and