19 Apr 2016

Latinx students share stories of familial struggles

“My dad became a citizen in 1993,” said senior Latinx studies major Maria Gonzalez-Chavez. “He was very vocal about racism and discrimination. He called people out, and sometimes he would

12 Apr 2016

Candidates face off in ASI presidential race: Q&A

CORRECTION: In the print version of this article, the candidates’ responses to questions 5-7 appeared under the wrong names. Shannon Deloso’s responses appeared under Evan Gothelf’s name and Gothelf’s responses

05 Apr 2016

Student talent takes center stage in ‘The Fringe’

Over the course of the past year, theatre arts major Jennifer Marte has been up late laboriously writing about rape, relationships, mental health and self-worth to prepare for her short

05 Apr 2016

Adoption jokes are nothing to laugh at

Nothing gets under my skin more than an adoption joke. I was adopted at the ripe young age of 5 months old. Fortunately, I was afforded the immense privilege of

29 Mar 2016

Frida Kahlo would hate your Frida Kahlo shirt

I spotted it from across the room and immediately hurried my pace. Gingerly hung in the cold, dead space of a stark, white room in the Museum of Modern Art

09 Mar 2016

Queer and trans women of color are central focus of new Castro art exhibit

“Sisterhood is Powerful!” read the brightly colored poster that greeted guests at the GLBT History Museum. A new exhibit titled “Feminists to Feministas: Women of Color in Prints and Posters” opened March 4 at the

04 Mar 2016

Chekhov’s ‘Seagull’ takes flight at SF State’s Little Theatre

“10 minutes to curtain!” the stage manager enthusiastically shouts into a backstage dressing room where an array of theatre students hurriedly rush to apply their make-up and rehearse lines before the show begins.

01 Mar 2016

Students voice ‘collective disappointment’ at statement from President Wong

Nearly 100 students and allies of the College of Ethnic Studies met Tuesday in order to further strategize a direct plan of action in response to President Leslie E. Wong’s statement regarding

25 Feb 2016

News Brief: Wong meets with students and faculty as tensions over potential Ethnic Studies cuts rise

In a meeting with President Leslie E. Wong Thursday morning, students, faculty and members of the campus community gathered to list their demands in response to news of potential spending

23 Feb 2016

Update: Students meet as financial issues loom for Ethnic Studies

Graduate and undergraduate students in the College of Ethnic Studies met Tuesday to discuss and finalize their demands in the face of financial difficulty for the college. Students and faculty

18 Feb 2016

SF State to potentially cut College of Ethnic Studies budget

Faculty in the College of Ethnic Studies were informed in a meeting this morning about upcoming budget cuts that would drastically reduce the amount of classes available to students for

09 Feb 2016

Shaming men for anal stimulation promotes inequality and homophobia

Anal sex isn’t anything new, and, regardless of sexual orientation, many men aren’t afraid of a little backdoor action from time to time. We’ve seen various references to butt exploration in

03 Feb 2016

Oscar nominees spark strong opinions amongst cinema students and faculty

This year’s Academy Awards nominations were greeted with a large amount of controversy after it was revealed that every actor and actress that received a major nomination was white. #OscarsStillSoWhite began trending