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Latinx students share stories of familial struggles

Jeremy Porr

April 19, 2016

“My dad became a citizen in 1993," said senior Latinx studies major Maria Gonzalez-Chavez. "He was very vocal about racism and discrimination. He called people out, and sometimes he would get in trouble for it because people...

Adoption jokes are nothing to laugh at

Jeremy Porr

April 5, 2016

Nothing gets under my skin more than an adoption joke. I was adopted at the ripe young age of 5 months old. Fortunately, I was afforded the immense privilege of leaving the foster care system early. My parents never sat me down...

SF State to potentially cut College of Ethnic Studies budget

Jeremy Porr

February 18, 2016

Faculty in the College of Ethnic Studies were informed in a meeting this morning about upcoming budget cuts that would drastically reduce the amount of classes available to students for the upcoming fall semester. Shannon Deloso,...

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