20 Nov 2013

Rain showers hit SF State

[set_id=72157637891230496] Students lift umbrellas and duck away under building overhangs as rain showers hit SF State Tuesday and Wednesday.  

05 Nov 2013

Men’s soccer loses despite last minute goal

[set_id=72157637364235336] A last-minute goal by freshman midfielder James Aguirre wasn’t enough to overcome a two-point deficit against the Cal State San Bernardino Coyotes. The Gators lost 1-2 Sunday in their

26 Sep 2013

Alleged shooter of Justin Valdez also SF State student

SFPD announced the 30-year-old male suspect detained for charges of murder of SF State student Justin Valdez is also an SF State student, in a press conference today. Valdez, a

18 Sep 2013

Glass art program’s end spurs rally

SF State’s College of Extended Learning glass blowing class, created in 1972, is the third oldest continuous glass program in the US. Three weeks ago,College of Liberal and Creative Arts

24 May 2013

Athlete Decensae White charged with involvement in murder

SF State star basketball player Decensae White was arrested last week in Redwood City and extradited to Atlanta with charges of the involvement in the death of rapper Lil Phat,

17 May 2013

Pretentious posers taint San Francisco's food scene

Giants won the second World Series in three years. Niners went to the Super Bowl. Warriors are in the playoffs. There has been a lot of smack talk about bandwagoning

07 May 2013

Korean American artist sculpts dual identity

A young man in clay-smudged jeans sits on a stool, steps on a pedal and molds a heap of clay with quiet finesse. The wheel spins the now curvy tower

19 Apr 2013

Muslim Student Association hosts community prayer, promotes faith

In the middle of SF State‘s quad on a sunny Friday afternoon, about 60 people sat shoeless in front of a scholar dressed in white garb and a kufi, listening

09 Apr 2013

Student bin monitoring helps school tackle misguided waste

A young woman reaches into a black trash bin and grabs what another student quickly tossed in only a moment before. She diverts his waste into the compost and recycle

07 Feb 2013

Online courses expand as demand, funding increase

In Fall 2011, SF State’s cinema department faced a grave problem: bottlenecking. About 100 “super seniors” and 175 juniors were enrolled in sophomore-level classes, and the department was serving 200

01 Feb 2013

CSUs prepare for no tuition increase in Fall 2013

The California State University system plans to keep tuition at its current rates for the Fall 2013 semester after Gov. Jerry Brown released a state budget proposal allocating an additional