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"Shotgun!" displays off-the-cuff student acts

Sean Reichhold

October 29, 2012

Most college students understand the feelings associated with having to produce decent work under duress and intense time constraints, but believe it or not, a large group of student directors, writers and actors intentionally...

Virtual Vet Corp illuminates veterans' experiences, struggles

Sean Reichhold

October 9, 2012

On top of the trauma of investigating heinous crimes, Bob Hollingsworth’s base was under mortar fire during his entire time in Iraq. He estimates that his base was mortared more than 1,000 times — two to four times a day. Holli...

SF State art class to host Art Faculty Exhibition from ground up

Sean Reichhold

September 18, 2012

The half-empty room is itself a blank canvas. The white walls wait as they are slowly transformed into a broader work of art with the political, surrealist, contemporary and abstract works of others. Still waiting lay the more c...

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