Administration failed to keep students informed in pivotal moment of presidential search

Xpress Staff

February 21, 2012

SF State seems eager to find new ways to yet again fail to include students in the new presidential search. The University hosted the first and only public forum to discuss the selection of presidential candidates Monday, Feb. 20...

Black History Month should be celebrated year round

Carolyn Copeland

February 13, 2012

Each year, people around the nation anxiously wait for February to roll around to celebrate the triumphs in black history. For this one month, stores across America advertise Black History Month sales, the History Channel runs...

SF State just can't seem to figure out the parking puzzle

Sara Donchey

February 8, 2012

As if you aren’t already angry about dwindling classes and skyrocketing tuition, here’s something else that might get your panties in a twist: SF State is making it even more difficult for you to park on campus. Not only is ...

Mirkarimi domestic violence case gives power back to abuse victims

Michelle Olson

February 1, 2012

Almost everyone has heard the story of the big bad wolf and little red riding hood. Of course the wolf has to be a boy, and red riding hood has to be a girl. This is the way we have been trained to think; the man is the perpetrator,...

State of the Union makes weak promises to university students

Xpress Staff

January 31, 2012

Students watching President Obama's State of the Union address perked up at the mention of the student debt crisis. If only he'd actually brought something new to the table. For someone who was elected on a platform of radic...

SF State presidential candidates must be required to visit campus

Xpress Staff

January 25, 2012

The appointment of a new University president is an incredible opportunity for the campus community to find a leader who will shape its next 25 years, much as current President Robert A. Corrigan oversaw a vast expansion of the school during his...

Redefining what it means to be a virgin

Juan De Anda

January 20, 2012

Between all the oohhing, awwing, groaning and groping I never thought that me jerking off to Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba was when I lost my "virginity" back in middle school. Did it happen when I received oral sex in high...

Consider small businesses when it comes to Christmas spending

Ruby Perez

December 24, 2011

Ten people were severely pepper sprayed last month. No, they were not the UC Davis students who were defending their right to protest, but shoppers at Walmart buying discounted Xbox video game consoles during Black Friday. Black...

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