Redefining what it means to be a virgin

Juan De Anda

January 20, 2012

Between all the oohhing, awwing, groaning and groping I never thought that me jerking off to Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba was when I lost my "virginity" back in middle school. Did it happen when I received oral sex in high...

Consider small businesses when it comes to Christmas spending

Ruby Perez

December 24, 2011

Ten people were severely pepper sprayed last month. No, they were not the UC Davis students who were defending their right to protest, but shoppers at Walmart buying discounted Xbox video game consoles during Black Friday. Black...

Letter to the editor: SF State English Department addresses President Robert A. Corrigan

Xpress Staff

December 11, 2011

An Open Letter to Robert Corrigan, President of San Francisco State University We, the undersigned faculty of the Department of English at San Francisco State University, are greatly disturbed at the recent escalation of police...

Social media should not replace traditional news outlets

Ruby Perez

December 9, 2011

My first encounter with a news publication going under was in my hometown of Hollister, Calif. In the year that I was there, the already small staff of four that ran the weekly publication was reduced to two because of lost...

Students should factor sleep into their schedules

Spencer Devine

December 4, 2011

"The party last night was too good to pass up,” “I had to study for that midterm,” “I was on stumble all night and I just needed to click one more time.” These three statements have one main thing in common; they are...

Depression: with help, there is a chance for a better life

Xpress Staff

November 29, 2011

Getting out of bed is rough enough for any college student. But it’s nearly impossible if you have depression. The condition is rampant in college. According to a recent article on depression statistics by Therese J. Borchard, on...

Attention Deficit Disorder: a reality for many, not a myth

Mike Bebernes

November 29, 2011

Sometimes I wonder if I myself have autism. My mom thinks I probably have dementia. You’d never hear anyone casually musing with self-diagnosis of serious mental disorders, unless that disorder is Attention Deficit Disorder. I...

Turkey-abstinence on Thanksgiving a humane way to spend the holiday

Katherine Yau

November 15, 2011

There is a stuffed bird carcass lying headless in the middle of your dining room table. It's the only remains of an animal whose lifetime was spent immobilized in disease-ridden confinement, force-fed antibiotics and a subject...

Friends with benefits: one way to ruin a friendship

Cailie Skelton

November 15, 2011

We all know the situation—two friends blurring the line between friendly and friendlier. In all honesty, the idea of no commitment, no strings attached lovin' may sound like a great idea at some point to anyone. However,...

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