New pitching helmet should be acknowledged as life saver

Juan Martinez

April 12, 2011

Parents, fear no more. The sound of a ball striking an aluminum bat will no longer be as frightening. In the game of baseball, when these two solid objects collide, parents worry and turn their heads. The reason is because during...

Bats best used on field, not parking lot

John Blomster

April 6, 2011

Last Thursday heralded the dawn of the 2011 baseball season and, with it, the reconvening of arguably the most storied and bitter rivalry in professional sports. This year’s first confrontation between the San Francisco Giants...

In Japan, it is once again, man versus nature

Christine Tjandra

April 5, 2011

Japan is not a novice when dealing with earthquakes. The country is so well-prepared in case one strikes that even elementary students are knowledgeable about emergency procedures. But this recent occurrence is different. The...

Republicans deny higher education and voters voice

Xpress Staff

April 5, 2011

California’s higher education is at a crucial juncture. The budget crisis facing the California State University system is well-documented: a potential $500 million cut to its 2011-12 budget, ever-increasing tuition and a total...

Back to the drawing board for Corrigan

Xpress Staff

March 22, 2011

University President Robert A. Corrigan’s email to faculty March 21, which detailed his newest proposal to reduce the number of colleges from eight to six and suggested that faculty participate in another campus-wide refere...

Real journalists check the facts

Kelsey Avers

March 22, 2011

Within minutes of Japan being hit with the largest recorded earthquake in its history as well as an ensuing tsunami on March 11, journalists were on their feet, ready to provide the public with fair and balanced information, and...

Experiencing the Egyptian Revolution

Xpress Staff

March 22, 2011

Samuel Vengrinovich is originally from San Francisco and currently lives in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. He has a bachelor’s degree in international relations from SF State and a master’s degree in diplomacy and conflict studies from The...

Fear of drug cartels should not stop a sunny spring break

Megan Taros

March 18, 2011

Mexico, the haven for spring breakers everywhere, is known for its beaches, low legal drinking age and the numerous travel warnings the U.S. placed against it. It makes sense because in Mexico, people can’t step foot outside...

Japan needs aid now

Jessica Heller

March 16, 2011

A 9.0 magnitude earthquake, a 30-foot tall tsunami and a melting nuclear reactor are just the beginning. Whole villages have been swept away. The power is out. Roads, airports and rail lines are all buried under water and debris, making lo...

Go ahead, explore your inner warlock

Kelly Goff

March 8, 2011

Charlie Sheen is not winning. At the moment, he is out of a job, has lost custody of his young sons and is riding his newfound Twitter fame all the way to becoming an “E! True Hollywood Story” cautionary tale. The real winners ar...

Dems: Don't just give up

Xpress Staff

March 8, 2011

With the fracture of state legislatures between Republican and Democrat lawmakers sweeping the country, the American political system is further deteriorating. It appears that this fracture is no longer bureaucratic posturing...

Sheen 'wins' prize for media sheepherder

Geena Stellato

March 8, 2011

Hold the presses! Someone has outshined the Biebs. It’s not another teen idol, natural disaster or foreign uprising against tyranny that’s making headlines, though. According to the New York Times, the Obama administration...

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