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Students demand attention for higher education

Megan Taros
April 12, 2011
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When it comes to cuts to education, Students for Quality Education have one main philosophy: louder is better. SQE and the California Faculty Association are encouraging students to raise their voices today at its forum and walkout, Take Class Action. “We need to make some noise,” said Sadaf Mali...

Day of (in)Action

Chase S. Kmec
March 9, 2011
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March 2, 2011 will most likely be remembered as the ‘Day of Little Action.’ This year's Day of Action to save public education across California garnered some attention, but did not draw huge crowds at campuses statewide as expected—and SF State was no exception to the lower-than-expected turn...

UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Day of Action highlights looming cuts to higher education

Megan Taros
March 8, 2011
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[youtube][/youtube] *UPDATE - Multimedia Editor Aaron Williams interviews various supporters of the 'Day of Action' protest. Students and faculty will unite once again to protest budget cuts in a statewide Day of Action on March 2. SF State’s Students fo...

Gators march to CCSF in protest of budget cuts

Spencer Devine
March 2, 2011
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The Postman will carry his mail through sleet and snow, rain and hail, to get it to it’s destination, but mailmen have nothing on agitated college students protesting massive budget cuts. A group of approximately 100 students and faculty trekked through light-yet-constant rain in an almost two ...

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