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Compensation: Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Gabriel Agurcia and Ian Firstenberg

December 15, 2017

The debate over whether college athletes deserve to be paid has gained momentum the past few years. It reached one of its most controversial moments in 2015 when Northwestern University’s football team attempted to unionize. The National Labor Relations Boa...

Alcohol poisoning: Do you really know the signs?

Anna Gonzalez

October 24, 2017

Imagine this: You’re a freshman at your first college party, you’re having your first drink, and, all of a sudden, someone at the party passes out. What’s your initial reaction? Do you call the police? Do you just wait it...

Children can change future of rape culture

Haley Perry

October 17, 2017

Rape is not always a violent, savage held-at-knifepoint type of occurrence. It doesn’t always happen by strangers who grab women from behind and drag them off into a back alley. It’s done by people you know, people you lik...

How I learned to stop worrying and love being a super senior

Jordan Vail

May 18, 2016

Next week, thousands of SF State students will pack into AT&T Park, turn their tassels and graduate. Unfortunately, I will not be one of them, despite the fact that I’m finishing my 8th consecutive semester at this university,...

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