Chickenpox vaccinations now offered at SF State's Student Health Services

Heather Ito

September 7, 2012

In response to the chickenpox outbreak on campus Sept. 1, the Student Health Services held special immunization times to administer the chickenpox vaccine at SF State. According to Alastair Smith, director of Student Health Services,...

Proposed fee increase for student health center set to move onto President Corrigan, Chancellor Reed

Angela Raiford

May 2, 2012

Students are two signatures closer to receiving extra benefits from the health center. A student petition circulated April 5 to April 23 to gain support for a proposed Student Health Center fee hike of $25, which will increas...

SF State male students relieve emotional trauma through creative outlets

Brittney Barsotti

April 23, 2012

Justin Thielman came from a conservative town. There were no resources for victims of sexual abuse. It wasn’t until he was 20 that he was able to admit to himself the sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of his father for more...

SF State Student Health Center fee increase proposed to benefit students and staff

Angela Raiford

April 14, 2012

Looks like students will have to find a bit more than pocket change in their couch cushions to cover their medical needs on campus next semester. The Student Fee Advisory voted unanimously April 4th to accept a proposal for a $25 fee incre...

SF State student reveals suicide story in hopes of spreading awareness

Juan De Anda

April 11, 2012

“Katy” had a 4.0 GPA in high school and was involved in her school’s water polo team in Sacramento County. She never did drugs and had no visible signs of trauma. She was known as a driven and dedicated student. But the...

SF State students battle ADD and ADHD without the medication

Angela Raiford

April 9, 2012

Samuel Gunter wasn’t staring lazily out of the window because he couldn’t stand the teacher. He thought it was OK that his teacher had to repeat instructions to him once more than the rest of his class. The SF State art major wasn’t an apathetic child, he ju...

Suicide: Warning signs and resources

Juan De Anda

April 9, 2012

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the more of these symptoms a person shows, the greater the risk. The following warning signs are associated with suicide: Talking about w...

SF State professor heads new study exploring connection between money and happiness

Angela Raiford

February 14, 2012

Money still can't buy you love, but it might buy you happiness if you know where to spend it. According to a recently-published study led by Ryan T. Howell, assistant professor of psychology at SF State, spending money on experiences, not material p...

The Ins and Outs: Safer sex is essential for one-night stands

Cassie Becker

January 24, 2012

If you are the type who likes a steamy semi-anonymous rendezvous, the electricity that takes over in a one night stand can be addicting. It’s a flurry of sexual tension, which can only lead to both parties getting caught up...

Student stress peaks during preparation for finals

Brian Balisi

December 1, 2011

She hypnotically stares into her MacBook while constructing a book for her design class and unwillingly lending an ear to the professor lecturing about Asian American studies. The MacBook is strategically hidden so the professor...

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