VIDEO: Dining healthy at SF State

Kealan Cronin

November 29, 2011

Xpress reporter, Kealan Cronin, and sports editor, Godofredo Vasquez ask students how they keep healthy with the food options on campus. Video by Godofredo Vasquez. Interviews and produced by Kealan Cronin.

Designated smoking areas at SF State become social hub for smokers

Devery Sheffer

November 8, 2011

Students show up to the two designated smoking areas of State Drive in small waves, chatting, mingling and lighting one another's cigarettes. The smell of smoke lingers, isolating the smokers from the rest of the campus. Instead o...

Stressed-out students not taking advantage of SF State health services

Natasha Artavia

October 11, 2011

Some students can handle it, while others fall victim to it. Stress is nothing new.  The never-ending mountain of homework, papers, projects and midterms combined with trying to make financial ends meet are only a few varia...

New consumer advisory in place after concern of cell phone radiation dangers

Michael Huber

August 23, 2011

UPDATE: Judge William Alsup denied the majority of a city ordinance that would have required retailers to warn customers about harmful cellphone radiation and health effects Oct 27. Alsup ruled that city officials needed to rew...

Stress takes hold during finals

Alberto Penalva

May 3, 2011

With finals lurking right around the corner, students are taking it upon themselves to either foster or sabotage their future. Finals week is a stressful time for many students as they attempt to juggle academics while on the verge o...

Students learn healthy ways to release at Stress Relief Day


April 27, 2011

As final exam season approaches, students might have a pulse on their grades, but between all-night cramming sessions and hours spent sitting in the annex, it’s easy to forget to stay healthy. On April 27, campus organizations t...

Fraternity educates campus on AIDS awareness

Chase S. Kmec

April 15, 2011

In 1996, a SF State fraternity created Multicultural AIDS Awareness Day to educate students about the disease. Fifteen years later, AIDS still exists, but the dedication to awareness has made education more widely available to...

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