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Letter to the editor

Aleksandra Serebrina

April 11, 2018

Like all Americans, I was horrified and angry about the Stoneman Douglas shooting. We all want to protect our schools but the focus on firearms will only lead to knee-jerk laws that criminalize and alienate millions of Americans,...

Rally to #FundTheDream

James Martel and Sheila R. Tully

March 28, 2018

On April 4th – the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of Dr. King – the California Faculty Association (CFA) and Students for Quality Education (SQE) invite our campus community to join us in Sacramento as we demand ad...

Health education student responds to editorial on drug abuse

Xpress Staff

March 19, 2013

Dear Brian, Thank you for your submission in the new Golden Gate Xpress. I am currently interning for the SF AIDS Foundation's syringe access services. I am a health education major and a huge proponent of harm reduction services, such as needle exchanges. One of the most stigmatized groups of people are drug users. People already find it hard to relate to others, particularly when those people use. It's easy to blame people for their actions, but people fail ...

Letter to the editor: DPRC director responds to editorial on student disability

Xpress Staff

May 2, 2012

Response to 4/25 “Disabled Students Lack Support” I would like to thank Lisa Carmack for sharing her personal experiences as a student with a disability at SF State in her April 25, 2012 editorial “Disabled Students Lack Support.” Coming forward in a public light is not always an easy t...

Letter to the editor: SF State English Department addresses President Robert A. Corrigan

Xpress Staff

December 11, 2011

An Open Letter to Robert Corrigan, President of San Francisco State University We, the undersigned faculty of the Department of English at San Francisco State University, are greatly disturbed at the recent escalation of police...

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