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NCAA: California makes first move

Jesse Gomez

September 17, 2019

California has set in motion the first domino in an ongoing debate that will decide if NCAA athletes will be eligible to make money while not holding a professional title.  On Sept. 9, the California State Assembly voted 72–0 for the F...

Compensation: Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Gabriel Agurcia and Ian Firstenberg

December 15, 2017

The debate over whether college athletes deserve to be paid has gained momentum the past few years. It reached one of its most controversial moments in 2015 when Northwestern University’s football team attempted to unionize. The National Labor Relations Boa...

All work and no pay makes NCAA a poor sport

Segun Giwa

April 19, 2017

Student athletes put their blood, sweat and tears, nearly all year round, into school and their sport. They are dedicated to their coaches and their employer, the NCAA, but don’t benefit from their work financially. The...

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