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The Ins And Outs: Farewell to the sex column

Cassie Becker

May 15, 2012

It seems our time on this wild ride has come to a close. But before I truly say my goodbyes, I’d like to leave you all with some parting words of wisdom that didn’t quite fit in their original columns. Let’s get the juices...

The Ins And Outs: Measuring the benefits of male contraception

Cassie Becker

May 9, 2012

Women know that dealing with birth control can be quite the hassle. A new condom each encounter. One pill every day. A new patch every week. A new ring every three weeks. One shot every three months. A new IUD every 12 or five...

The Ins And Outs: Discovering the many ways of stimulating the G-spot

Cassie Becker

April 29, 2012

Just inside a woman’s body, there’s a magical little zone that’s the key to her pleasure. It can make her squirm, scream and even squirt. Maybe. According to a study released April 26, more than 50 percent of women stimulate...

The Ins And Outs: Exploring the interplay between food and sex

Cassie Becker

April 25, 2012

In dim candlelight with a burst of semi-kinky spontaneity, you generously slather chocolate syrup onto the body of your partner. Using your fingers to blend it into your very willing victim’s body, you pause to sensuously lick...

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