San Francisco police stand with city against Trump

Mitchell Walther

February 3, 2017

San Francisco Police suspended participation with the Joint Terrorism Task Force Wednesday night. The separation of the SFPD from the FBI ends a 10-year relationship, though a suspension is not a total withdrawal and will be...

Lady and the Trump

January 25, 2017

Undocumented Students in the Trump Era

Rita Berríos Riquelme

December 25, 2016

What Will Happen to Undocumented Students in the Trump Era? The republican candidate to the White House and now President-elect, Donald Trump, promised to build a wall to keep immigrants from entering the country, to depor...

Being a Black, Latina woman in Trump’s America

Laura Monique Ordoñez

December 13, 2016

In high school, I never really fit in. I had friends, but I never truly felt like I belonged to a certain group. Even though I am African-American, I never fit in with the Black girls at school because I was told I wasn’t “Black...

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