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Taser dispute rouses plans for protests

Bradley Focht and Andrew Cullen

November 19, 2013

A group of students against the University Police Department’s proposed use of Tasers hosted a meeting in the Richard Oakes Multicultural Center, Cesar Chavez Student Center room T143, Tuesday, to discuss plans to protest T...

University has yet to answer why campus police need Tasers

Beza Beneberu

November 19, 2013

Tasers, Tasers, Tasers... I get it – I'm tired of hearing about SF State's Taser debate, too. But is the solution to let the administration do whatever they want because we're annoyed that it's taking too long to resolve? ...

UPD awaits Taser approval from President Wong

Erica Linker

October 23, 2013

At a party last fall in Redwood City, a fight over drugs broke out. Officers arrived at the scene and SF State student Daniel Atwood decided to make a run for it. He hadn't gotten far before an officer fired a Taser at him....

Taser program standardization stretches statewide for CSU police

Erica Linker

September 25, 2013

While campus police officers across California use pepper spray, guns, handcuffs and batons; SF State's University Police Department officials propose another tool be added to their utility belt — the Taser — which would make...

University police begin Taser training

Erica Linker

September 17, 2013

University Police Department officers patrolling the campus and surrounding areas may soon carry electroshock weapons. These devices, commonly known by the brand name, Taser, are designed to generate an electric current that...

SF State incidents create mixed reactions among students

Daniel A. Nelson

May 22, 2013

[HTML1] SF State hosted its share of excitement this past week with six arrests, two protests and a load of stress to students, staff and faculty. The arrest of six non-resident persons at SF State on the night of Thursday,...

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