27 Feb 2018

Impaction lifted on majors

On March 4 in the J. Paul Leonard Library, SF State will conduct the last of three hearings to remove the impaction status on Environmental Studies, Apparel Design and Merchandising,

07 Feb 2018

Low budget leads to trends

For college students, shopping for clothing isn’t always an ideal choice — especially when money is tight. In San Francisco, there are hundreds of trendy boutiques and clothing stores with

12 Sep 2017

No football Saturdays for SF Gators

Saturdays in the fall are a time when many college students unite around football, yet no yard lines or goalposts can be found at San Francisco State’s Cox Stadium. This

30 Mar 2017

Administration awaits approval for new student housing project

University administration is in the process of obtaining approval to begin construction of new housing units that will double the number of new beds and extend housing to a block

15 Apr 2016

Students rally for transparency at SF State

A group of around 25 students rallied on 19th and Holloway avenues Wednesday to bring attention to the wide range of issues affecting SF State as of late. Issues surrounding

18 Feb 2016

SF State to potentially cut College of Ethnic Studies budget

Faculty in the College of Ethnic Studies were informed in a meeting this morning about upcoming budget cuts that would drastically reduce the amount of classes available to students for