Katie Cantrell, executive director of Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, gives a presentation on the negative environmental effects of factory farming Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014.Martin Bustamante/Xpress.
08 Nov 2014

Campus learns how severe factory farming’s impact is on the California drought

The founder of an Oakland-based nonprofit shook up SF State students today with some surprising statistics about the environmental impact of the factory farming industry and the dietary habits that

Bill McKibben, author and environmentalist, poses for a photo after his lecture on "Updates From the Front Lines of the Climate Fight" at McKenna Theatre Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014.
19 Oct 2014

Global warming and SF State: famous environmentalist Bill McKibben shares thoughts on campus

Best-selling author and outspoken environmentalist Bill McKibben lit a fire underneath SF State students Thursday with a lecture on climate change and the global fight for environmental justice. SF State’s

A sprinkler head hides in the gardens above the Student Health Center on camp at SF State. Many of the irrigation systems on campus have been converted to reduce water use says, SF State sustainability coordinator, Sharon Darophonhdeth.
08 Sep 2014

University could face doubled rates amid new water regulation

City utility officials approved double rates to take effect Oct. 1 for customers who do not reduce their water consumption by at least 10 percent of what they used during

27 Feb 2014

Bay Area storm brings rare rainy day to campus

[set_id=72157641574206885] A storm finally hit the Bay Area, bringing rain to both a dry state and a dry campus. A student hides from the rain under an umbrella near the