07 Mar 2018

Puck is life

The hour hand and minute hand meet at the apex of the clock. It’s another 12 o’clock practice. 12 a.m., that is. For SF State’s ice hockey club, this is

14 Feb 2018

Women’s rugby team on the rise

A small, but tightly knit group of women is working hard to fuel the up-and-coming women’s rugby team at SF State. Sophomore Hailey House is the founder and captain of

10 Feb 2018

Men’s rugby team seeks to persevere after loss to Stanford

After an intense, rough game, the SF State men’s rugby team fell to Stanford 44-24 on Saturday, Feb. 10. The team got off to a disorderly start that they were

04 Feb 2018

New techniques lead to rugby success

On a very sunny Saturday afternoon, the SF State rugby club won 41-15 against Fresno State, elevating their season’s record to 1-1. The team has seen drastic improvement in their

17 Feb 2015

Despite financial woes, rugby club finds new home

After a grueling five-month roller coaster ride to secure a stadium, the Gators Rugby Football Club have finally found a place to call their own. The squad has established Boxer Stadium, a