21 Mar 2019

San Francisco rent is highest in the country

San Francisco has the highest rent in the nation, beating New York by more than $800 for a one-bedroom rental, according to the rental app Zumper. Every year rent has

19 Mar 2019

Employee wages vary under work-study program

The minimum wage in San Francisco will increase from $15 an hour to $15.59 by July 1, while SF State work-study students are only paid $12 an hour despite the

15 May 2018

Why stay in the bay

The Bay Area, especially San Francisco, is getting more and more expensive. Many residents are fleeing from the high expenses to other parts of California and other states. The value of

18 Apr 2018

I won’t be able to buy a home in my beloved Bay Area

Born in San Francisco and raised in the East Bay, the Bay Area holds a very special place in my heart. My parents immigrated from Mexico to San Francisco for