13 Sep 2019

CSU proposes increased math requirement for high schoolers

High school students may need to take an extra year of math coursework to qualify for admission into California State Universities. The proposal will be formally introduced to the Board

10 Sep 2019

CSU to provide free legal immigration services

California State University announced Aug. 28 a plan to provide free immigration legal services to students and employees.  As part of this plan, attorneys, paralegals and accredited representatives will visit

22 May 2019

First woman president of SF State begins term this summer

Lynn Mahoney, current provost and vice president for Academic Affairs at CSU Los Angeles, will become the first woman to serve as president of SF State after President Leslie Wong

06 Apr 2019

Court ruling changes policy on CSU sexual assault investigations

The California State University system altered its approach to addressing sexual misconduct allegations March 29, after a Jan. 4 California Court of Appeals decision found gaps in the Title IX

12 Feb 2019

Academic Senate to vote on finals week requirements

The Academic Senate proposed a new draft to the university’s Academic Calendar Policy in their Feb. 5 meeting that would ameliorate some of the concerns of California Faculty Association representatives

05 Feb 2019

Faculty union contests Academic Senate’s finals schedule policy

The California Faculty Association, a union that represents instructors at SF State, is fighting an Academic Senate policy that went into effect this fall on the grounds that it changes

18 Dec 2018

Commencement at SF State: Why is there no winter graduation?

With the end of the fall semester fast approaching, seniors at SF State have one thing on their mind: graduation; although, SF State’s commencement ceremony is set for May 28,

27 Nov 2018

CSU application deadline extended for prospective students facing hardships due to wildfires

The California State University of the Chancellor (CSU) has extended the priority application period for Fall 2019 admission to Dec. 15 in respect to prospective students who are facing hardship

13 Sep 2018

SF State project to transform Tapia Drive into pedestrian-only quad

The new Liberal and Creative Arts Building currently under construction is just phase one of a four-phase SF State Master Plan that will eliminate Tapia Drive altogether and turn it into a

10 Sep 2018

UPD to offer active shooter response protocol training for Safety Week

The University Police Department will offer training sessions next week on how to respond to an active shooter on campus as part of SF State’s Campus Safety Week, put on

28 Aug 2018

CSU mental health counselor bill sent to final vote

The California Faculty Association-sponsored Senate Bill 968, which would mandate the number of mental health counselors on CSU campuses, has been moved to a final vote this Friday. The bill

20 Apr 2018

Tuition hikes will not be made for California State University system

The California State University system will not increase tuition for the 2018-2019 academic year, according to a press release by Chancellor Timothy P. White. This decision is a result of

07 Mar 2018

Business administration leads among other declared majors

Early this February, the Office of Institutional Research at SF State reported that business administration was the largest undergraduate major in fall 2017. It accounted for 19.3 percent of undergraduate

20 Mar 2017

ASI inspires students to fight against tuition increase

Associated Students Inc. collected testimonials from students at Malcolm X Plaza Wednesday to reject a tuition increase proposed for the fall semester. “This is crunch time,” said Celia LoBuono Gonzalez,

25 Jan 2017

Report finds CSU funding decreases as student needs increase

The California Faculty Association released a report to faculty members revealing that the rising number of minority, low-income and first-generation students receive less funding throughout the 23 CSUs than what

19 Oct 2016

Advising initiative aims to speed graduation

SF State plans to hire an advising specialist this semester to help implement their initiative to increase graduation rates of current students. The California State University Chancellor’s Office has recently

15 Apr 2016

Students rally for transparency at SF State

A group of around 25 students rallied on 19th and Holloway avenues Wednesday to bring attention to the wide range of issues affecting SF State as of late. Issues surrounding

07 Apr 2016

UPDATED: CFA and CSU have reached agreement; strike postponed

The California Faculty Association Board of Directors and the California State University agreed earlier Friday to terms to postpone the strike which, if approved, would amount to a nearly 11

06 Apr 2016

BREAKING: CFA and CSU meet to negotiate in last days before system-wide strike

With the proposed California State University system-wide strike a week away, the California Faculty Association and the CSU have agreed to enter a 48-hour media blackout period to allow negotiations

05 Apr 2016

Ethnic Studies students publicly call White and Wong

Flanked by “Where’s White?” posters, students gathered onstage in Malcolm X Plaza Tuesday to confront CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White, who cancelled his visit to SF State without explanation. White

01 Apr 2016

CFA uses mock trial to explain upcoming strike

A jury of SF State students and faculty unanimously found Chancellor Timothy P. White guilty on all charges of his crimes against the California State University system during a mock

28 Mar 2016

Update: Fact finder sides with CFA weeks before state-wide strike

The California Faculty Association announced Monday a third-party fact finder largely sided with the union in their dispute with the California State University over a 5 percent raise. The report

17 Mar 2016

UPDATE: Provost denies request to sign list of student demands

[slideshow_deploy id=’71176′] “Our education is our liberation!” read a vibrant yellow sign held up by students as they stormed the quad and marched directly to the front of the Administration

08 Mar 2016

Why I’ll strike: A letter from the CFA chapter president

Twenty-six thousand California State University faculty, including lecturers, counselors, coaches and librarians are poised to strike across all 23 campuses on April 13th if we do not receive a 5 percent

26 Feb 2016

Students and faculty meet with President Wong as potential cuts loom for Ethnic Studies

[slideshow_deploy id=’70842′] Students clad in black and red hurried around the halls of the Ethnic Studies and Psychology Building early Thursday morning with flyers still warm from the printer, as

09 Feb 2016

CSU faculty deserves to earn a living wage

The California Faculty Association announced Monday that they would launch a coordinated, five-day strike in April if the California State University does not extend a satisfactory counter offer to their

09 Feb 2016

Increased fees bittersweet for art department

SF State’s art department made its first major increases to instructional materials fees in 20 years this spring, forcing returning studio art majors to pay double or even triple the fee

26 Jan 2016

CFA threaten to strike while waiting for decision

The California Faculty Association is on the verge of a system–wide strike for a 5 percent salary raise for all CSU faculty members. Currently the CFA and the CSU are in the fact-finding process,

17 Dec 2015

Interactive: SF State Faculty voice the need for five percent

Why is there a need for a five percent salary increase from the California State University administration? Portrait Series by Emma Chiang The California Faculty Association is in its first

02 Sep 2015

CSU oversteps authority on Taser issue

The California State University reached an agreement with the State University Police Association Aug. 27 that mandates that campus police officers have access to an array of equipment, including Tasers.

02 Sep 2015

SF State police equipped with Tasers despite history of opposition

Access to Tasers will be mandatory for all University police following a recent collective bargaining agreement between California State University and the State University Police Association. Assistant Vice Chancellor of

20 May 2015

Is the four year college degree a myth?

The Bible warned me about temptation, sin and most bad things in the world, but it didn’t warn me about the hell of trying to graduate college in four years.

18 Feb 2015

Future unclear for part-time faculty

SF State President Leslie E. Wong assured students the University will help provide classes in the face of an upcoming $3 million campus-wide budget cut. Every department, including academic, administrative

05 Nov 2013

CSU introduces new online course enrollment

California State University students can enroll in online courses at universities across the state under a new program this fall that looks to increase access to high demand classes and

22 Oct 2013

SF State leads state in university fossil fuel divestment; CSUs follow example

The student group Fossil Free SFSU presented their fossil fuel divestment campaign to the California State Student Association (CSSA) during their monthly conference Oct. 12 at Cal State East Bay