26 Sep 2018

It’s a human right, period.

Earlier this month, Scotland became the first country to tackle “period poverty” head on by offering free period products for all students – and for once, America needs to take

25 Sep 2018

Basic hygiene products give hope to homeless in San Francisco

Imagine not being able to shower, brush your teeth or have menstrual products for days or even weeks. There’s an ongoing issue with the lack of hygiene products available to

14 Sep 2018

Mashouf gears up for exciting second year

After undergoing two years of construction beginning in 2015, SF State’s Mashouf Wellness Center has successfully completed its first year of operations. There is plenty of excitement surrounding the wellness

13 Sep 2018

Giants and SF State partner with Blood Center of the Pacific for blood drive

Collaborating with the San Francisco Giants and SF State, Blood Centers of the Pacific will hold a blood drive on Thursday, Sept. 13 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at

11 Sep 2018

Laugh the stress away at The Depot

When due dates for assignments start to pile up and interfere with work schedules, stress for students can escalate quickly. Some students turn to comedy, whether it’s unwinding after class

03 Sep 2018

Prof hopes violence and suicide prevention course goes viral

An SF State professor studying violence and suicide prevention hopes a new health and wellness course will lead to fewer tragedies among students who sign up and cause a ripple effect among

29 Aug 2018

Risk vs. Reward: Two womens health care professionals offer insight to the dangers of egg harvesting

An April 25th article in the Golden Gate Xpress about donating eggs raises important issues for young women considering this option. It reminds us, too, of an email sent to

19 Apr 2017

University continues to use pesticide despite harmful components

Interactive map created by Rita Berrios Riquelme The red dots date where Roundup and Roundup Pro Max has been used this semester, while the blue dots date where Avenger AG has

19 Apr 2017

Veterans face unique challenges as college students

Two veterans, including one SF State graduate student, are conducting an ongoing study to assess the needs and challenges veterans face while in college. Graduate Kevin Miller and Victor Inzunza,

02 Mar 2017

Student Affairs’ healthy snack program goes unnoticed

The Health Promotion and Wellness unit of Student Affairs launched Nourishing Minds this semester in order to promote healthy snacking habits, but students remain unaware of the new program due

22 Feb 2017

Fear of the immigration ban causes excess stress to students

Vianney Casas was at home waiting for a text from her mom to say she had successfully entered the U.S. The reply she got wasn’t the happy news she was

15 Oct 2013

Covered California approves SF State to be health care enrollment educators

SF State’s Student Health Center announced last Thursday, Oct. 10 their approval as an health coverage enrollment entity by Covered California at the Health and Wellness Fair on campus. This would

04 Sep 2013

SF State offers healthy options for a college lifestyle

[set_id=72157635373999906] Many students are faced with the challenge of staying healthy on a college campus, a struggle that often involves weight gain, stress and loss of sleep — but by taking

03 Sep 2013

Campus health center connects students with free HPV vaccines

This semester, the SF State Student Health Center is partnering with a pharmaceutical company to provide students with free GARDASIL, a vaccine that protects against the human papillomavirus or HPV,

14 May 2013

Constant computer use results in health risks

Students everywhere are doing it: at home, at work and on campus. Unsafe practice can result in chronic pain, exhaustion and even disease. Many are not aware of the risks,

28 Feb 2013

'Drunkorexia' spreads influence, affects students' health

College students are no strangers to foregoing food. Eating takes time and money, two things students are almost always short on. But some students are going to extreme lengths to

24 Feb 2013

Planned obsolescence shortens longevity of electronics

According to the 2012 Accenture Consumer Electronics Products and Services Usage Report, the highest selling products in 2012 were smart phones, high-definition TVs, computers and tablet PCs. About 23 percent

15 Feb 2013

Restrictive dieters split on campus food options

SF State serves up a variety of dining options, but for students who are on restrictive diets, grabbing a meal on campus can be a challenge. Not to be confused

31 Jan 2013

Health officials stress flu prevention in wake of epidemic

Elevated flu activity has reached a widespread level and with the peak of the flu season approaching, the importance of flu safety is at an all-time high. With the Spring

24 Oct 2012

Walk in Her Heels fashionably raises awareness of domestic violence

The SAFE Place and other SF State sexual and relationship health educators are getting the word out about domestic violence and sexual assault on campus. Today marks the fifth year

08 Oct 2012

Students gathered at Student Health Services for free flu vaccinations

UPDATE Oct. 12: Student Health Services, in conjunction with the School of Nursing, will host a flu shot clinic Oct. 18. The clinic will be held at Student Health Services

25 Sep 2012

Employee Assistance Program to offer SF State staff workplace counseling

Employee Assistance Program information sessions Eat Right, Live Well: Oct. 30 in Library Room 121 from 11 a.m. to noon or noon to 1 p.m. Holiday Safety and Welness: Nov.

07 Sep 2012

Chickenpox vaccinations now offered at SF State's Student Health Services

In response to the chickenpox outbreak on campus Sept. 1, the Student Health Services held special immunization times to administer the chickenpox vaccine at SF State. According to Alastair Smith, director of Student

11 May 2012

SF State student balances school and pregnancy as graduation draws near

Four months ago, Danielle Acierto took a test that did not require studying, and was shocked at the results. The 24-year-old sat alone in disbelief, scared and somewhat excited, when

02 May 2012

Proposed fee increase for student health center set to move onto President Corrigan, Chancellor Reed

Students are two signatures closer to receiving extra benefits from the health center. A student petition circulated April 5 to April 23 to gain support for a proposed Student Health

23 Apr 2012

SF State male students relieve emotional trauma through creative outlets

Justin Thielman came from a conservative town. There were no resources for victims of sexual abuse. It wasn’t until he was 20 that he was able to admit to himself

14 Apr 2012

SF State Student Health Center fee increase proposed to benefit students and staff

Looks like students will have to find a bit more than pocket change in their couch cushions to cover their medical needs on campus next semester. The Student Fee Advisory

11 Apr 2012

SF State student reveals suicide story in hopes of spreading awareness

“Katy” had a 4.0 GPA in high school and was involved in her school’s water polo team in Sacramento County. She never did drugs and had no visible signs of

09 Apr 2012

SF State students battle ADD and ADHD without the medication

Samuel Gunter wasn’t staring lazily out of the window because he couldn’t stand the teacher. He thought it was OK that his teacher had to repeat instructions to him once

09 Apr 2012

Suicide: Warning signs and resources

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the more of these symptoms a person shows, the greater the risk. The following

14 Feb 2012

SF State professor heads new study exploring connection between money and happiness

Money still can’t buy you love, but it might buy you happiness if you know where to spend it. According to a recently-published study led by Ryan T. Howell, assistant

24 Jan 2012

The Ins and Outs: Safer sex is essential for one-night stands

If you are the type who likes a steamy semi-anonymous rendezvous, the electricity that takes over in a one night stand can be addicting. It’s a flurry of sexual tension,

19 Jan 2012

SF State students disprove autism stereotypes

Scott Rich studies hard, is passionate in class and has an encyclopedia of a mind that stores statistics, geographic knowledge and all sorts of trivia, and yet he will never be considered

01 Dec 2011

Student stress peaks during preparation for finals

She hypnotically stares into her MacBook while constructing a book for her design class and unwillingly lending an ear to the professor lecturing about Asian American studies. The MacBook is

29 Nov 2011

VIDEO: Dining healthy at SF State

Xpress reporter, Kealan Cronin, and sports editor, Godofredo Vasquez ask students how they keep healthy with the food options on campus. Video by Godofredo Vasquez. Interviews and produced by Kealan

11 Nov 2011

Egg donation: profitable or risky?

Fliers asking young women to donate their eggs with the incentive to get compensated with up to $8,000 are a common sight around campus. Last November, Emily Watson, a 22-year-old