19 Sep 2018

Asian-Americans’ successful roles in mainstream Hollywood

Asian-Americans have scratched the surface of romantic comedies in Hollywood and are paving the way for future ethnic groups to dominate the film industry by making it big on both

10 May 2016

Sex work doesn’t devalue people

My family’s 2006 calendar hung in the kitchen next to the fridge. It was a NASCAR calendar, the same one we get every year. The days were marked with special

23 Feb 2016

Cis actors continue to take credit for trans rights

When I heard the news that a movie would be made based on the life of transgender pioneer Lili Elbe, I was cautiously optimistic. When I heard that Eddie Redmayne,

03 Feb 2016

Oscar nominees spark strong opinions amongst cinema students and faculty

This year’s Academy Awards nominations were greeted with a large amount of controversy after it was revealed that every actor and actress that received a major nomination was white. #OscarsStillSoWhite began trending

30 Sep 2015

Short films compete for Hollywood gold

The world’s largest student film festival, Campus MovieFest, returned to SF State Sept. 30 as part of its 16th annual world tour. Wednesday marked the start of a week-long scramble

31 Mar 2015

On-screen romance projects incorrect representation

A friend and I recently happened upon John Green’s novel-made-film, “The Fault In Our Stars,” while looking for something to watch on TV. I tried to sit quietly through the movie’s cheesy

29 Jan 2015

SF State student earns golden ticket in American Idol audition

With butterflies in her stomach and a black guitar in tow, an SF State audio production student swooned the American Idol judges with a sweet melody. Chandler Leighton, 19, earned

03 Dec 2013

Latinos spend most at cinema, but least represented on screens

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Four guys enter a dark movie theater: a Salvadoran, a Brazilian, a Persian and a Japanese guy. Their median age is 27

12 Nov 2013

Cinema alum discusses Hollywood screenwriting career with students

Before his career as a Hollywood screenwriter, there was once a time when SF State alumnus Anthony Peckham’s most interesting job was to refile an entire room at the Pacific