11 Sep 2019

Impact of planned housing apprised

Housing developers plan to transform one of San Francisco’s last stretches of undeveloped land into a residential neighborhood, but doing so would compromise the surrounding air quality, bicycle safety, flow

05 Feb 2019

Funds could ease expensive living

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposed budget aims to increase funding to CSUs by $300 million per year, and $15 million in one-time funding to help students who are experiencing food insecurity

18 Dec 2018

Master Plan aims to shed commuter campus label

University Enterprises presented a draft proposal at the Dec. 3 Public Forum on the Campus Master Plan meeting that sketched out development and land management at SF State through 2035

10 Dec 2018

UCorp lays out aspirational goals

University Enterprises presented a draft proposal at the Dec. 3, Public Forum on the Campus Master Plan meeting, that sketches out development and land management at SF State through 2035,

01 Nov 2018

North Bay ballot proposes housing, fire protection measures

For this year’s midterm elections, the North Bay — Marin, Napa and Sonoma counties — have various measures on the ballot pertaining to the region’s housing, infrastructure, school districts, and

12 Sep 2018

Housing crisis drives students to live in vehicles

The lack of access to affordable housing on and off campus has pushed some San Francisco State University students to live out of their vehicles. Between 20 to 30 vehicles

31 Aug 2018

Graffiti rages against SFSU construction, lack of student housing

Profanity-laden graffiti denouncing the demolition of student housing units appeared overnight last Wednesday at the construction site located at the Tapia Drive Triangle and the Humanities Building. The demolition is

22 Nov 2017

Price to live on campus set to rise, again

Everyone living on campus including staff, faculty and students will receive a 5 percent rent increase with the signing of their next rental contract. It’s the first chunk of a

20 Sep 2017

Two construction projects set to shake up Holloway

  Massive change is on the way for Holloway Avenue as SF State gears up to construct two buildings approved by the CSU Board of Trustees over the summer.  The Creative Arts

20 Sep 2017

New housing rare, no-fault evictions common near SF State

Finding a place to live near SF State is as tough as the 49ers finding a win – it’s rough out there. It’s time consuming, awkward and stressful. Craigslist is hit or

23 Aug 2017

Class of 2021 has arrived

Hundreds of freshmen and their families eagerly lined up behind elevators in SF State’s dorms, next to yellow bins filled to the top with their most prized possessions and necessities

17 May 2017

San Francisco housing costs deter graduates from staying local

With the school year coming to an end, graduating students have a lot more on their plate than just finals and assignments. Housing and the rising cost of living in

26 Apr 2017

Students given a voice in SF State’s future construction plan

With the Campus Master Plan set to be presented to the CSU Board of Trustees next month, the SF State Physical Planning and Development Department is hosting a series of

05 Apr 2017

University Park South experiences a second break-in this year

An apartment in the University Park South area was burglarized on Saturday night while tenants were out. University Park South is an apartment complex owned by the University where some

30 Mar 2017

Administration awaits approval for new student housing project

University administration is in the process of obtaining approval to begin construction of new housing units that will double the number of new beds and extend housing to a block

14 Dec 2016

Petition to President Wong requests more support for homeless students

Around 20 students from the Campus Against Student Homelessness and Hunger club delivered a petition to President Wong’s administration Thursday morning to request a program to provide resources for homeless

22 Sep 2016

Students To Be Relocated For Construction Of New Creative Arts Building

SF State plans to demolish two on-campus housing sites and replace them with a new mixed-use Creative Arts building, which will include dorms, classrooms, retail stores, and an 800-seat concert

15 Feb 2016

SF State bans hoverboards on campus

President Leslie E. Wong has banned hoverboards at SF State effective immediately. In a meeting last Thursday, Wong said safety is his top priority and that banning hoverboards will help

04 Feb 2015

New housing policy to uproot former students from University residences

A new housing policy from University Property Management will displace some of the residents living in off-campus housing beginning next semester. Residents of University Park North and University Park South

27 Jan 2015

Winter break shows a different side of dorm life

Now that classes are back in session and students have returned from winter break, the campus is back to its regular routine with restaurants open, staff workers back to work

15 Nov 2014

Parkmerced residents gather to discuss housing relocation

Hundreds of residents living in Parkmerced will be relocated as part of a redevelopment project to add almost 6,000 new housing units to the neighborhood starting next year. The project,

22 May 2013

SF State incidents create mixed reactions among students

[HTML1] SF State hosted its share of excitement this past week with six arrests, two protests and a load of stress to students, staff and faculty. The arrest of six

15 Feb 2013

UPDATE: Village Building C evacuated after fire alarm

A fire alarm was activated in Building C of the Centennial Village apartments at 10:37 this morning, according to SF State Spokeswoman Ellen Griffin. The alarm was activated due to

04 Dec 2012

Haunted dorm stories spark supernatural interest

Not many think of SF State as the perfect setting for a horror movie or a true ghost story. Eric Michael Jones and Catherine Anne Copeland were found dead in Copeland’s

23 Oct 2012

Student housing applicants express uncertainty for lengthy wait

Leslie Alvarado has been waitlisted since early May 2012. She is one of approximately 3,000 students who sign up for on-campus housing every year, and currently is number 15 on a

11 Mar 2012

SF State resident assistants programs struggle with low attendance rates

Last May, Senior Resident Assistant Joviana Carrillo spent nearly a month planning a local area network party for students in the residence halls to play multiplayer video games. After renting

01 Dec 2011

SF State: are we prepared for a major earthquake?

It could happen at anytime, anywhere. It starts with distant rumbling followed by the subtle sway of the ground beneath, the superficial evidence of a tumultuous tectonic tumble seething underground.

14 Nov 2011

Financial woes force SF State students to move back in with parents

Many graduating seniors have mixed feelings of excitement and fear with the end of the school year rapidly approaching and the looming question of “what’s next?” hanging over their heads.

11 Oct 2011

Students alarmed by sexual assault, SF State increases police patrol

Many SF State students were shocked to hear about the sexual assault that occurred in the Towers at Centennial Square dormitories between 5-8 p.m Friday, Sept. 30. According to University

05 Oct 2011

Woman sexually assaulted in SF State dorm room

An 18-year-old woman was sexually assaulted inside a dorm room in the Towers at Centennial Square at SF State Friday night. The woman, who according to University officials was not

19 May 2011

SF State aims to make dorm move-out easier on the environment

BY BRITTNEY BARSOTTI/ SPECIAL TO XPRESS In previous years, the massive move out from the dorms at the end of the year resulted in mounds of items spilling into the

12 Apr 2011

Park Merced residents resist redevelopment

Every day, Margaret Leahy returns home from her part-time teaching job at SF State and is greeted with excitement by her dancing pint-sized pooch, Marley. She treats Marley to a