28 Aug 2019

San Francisco files joint lawsuit over Donald Trump’s newest anti-immigration policy

Santa Clara County and the city of San Francisco sued the Department of Homeland Security on Aug. 13 over a federal rule broadening what public benefits can be considered grounds

19 Oct 2018

Creative writing professor readies debut book, tells story on becoming a writer

Walking down the hall in a red trench coat, professor Chai makes her way down to her office. In the typical San Francisco weather, where the air is moist and

02 May 2017

Immigrants and workers side-by-side at SF May Day march

SF State students and staff troubled by the Trump administration’s attacks on immigrant workers’ rights participated in San Francisco’s May Day march to Civic Center. May Day, also known as

16 Feb 2017

San Francisco businesses stand with “A Day Without Immigrants” strike

Businesses all over San Francisco are showing support for their immigrant workforce by closing their doors in participation of “A Day Without Immigrants.” The protest follows President Donald Trump’s pledge