14 Feb 2018

Amazon Go (Get a New Job)

Amazon’s latest feat of successfully opening and operating a nearly fully-automated “cashierless” convenience store, dubbed “Amazon Go,”  impressed me for two reasons. One, I’m from the Bay Area, which means

06 Sep 2017

Career Services creates a new way to find a job

Students looking for jobs at SF State have just received a new, streamlined platform to make finding employers easier. The SF State Career Services and Leadership Development, or CSLD, partnered

29 Oct 2013

Generation Y needs to embrace the skills that come with enhanced technology

Graphic by Holly Nall Many people perceive the habits of Generation Y to be lazy, indulgent , and simply just too different from their Baby Boomer and Generation X counterparts.

22 Oct 2013

Wage negotiation can make or break your career

Graphic by Holly Nall I’m sure you and I have both wondered, “Am I getting paid enough for this job?” We work at coffee shops and chain stores and earn

08 Oct 2013

Design programs give résumés impact

Graphic by Holly Nall Let me guess, every résumé you’ve ever made was on Word. Duh, you’re probably thinking to yourself. What else would I be making it on? Aren’t all résumés

01 Oct 2013

Social media flaws can prevent employment

Graphic by Holly Nall In a generation that grew up in the rise of the Internet and boom of social media, it’s amazing to me how little my peers use

25 Sep 2013

Cover letters can make or break that job opportunity

Graphic by Holly Nall Most of us can’t get past “To Whom It May Concern” and “My name is…” when starting our cover letters, granting us less than a second

17 Sep 2013

Job hunting requires more than copy, paste

We all have that friend who always brings up how “hard” he or she is looking for a job. That friend is always insisting he or she needs a job

16 Sep 2013

Social media keeps job hunters LinkedIn

While Facebook and Instagram are popular on college campuses, many college students aren’t comfortable with the social media tool that is specifically designed to land you a job: LinkedIn. According

09 Sep 2013

Prepare interview tactics for success

It doesn’t matter what your major, grades or career goals are: You will definitely be sitting at an interview sooner or later. You know the drill: fresh pressed conservative clothes,

03 Sep 2013

Vital steps for post-college success

After four plus years of deadlines, all-nighters and books heavier than the Freshman 15, who doesn’t want to believe that they’ll score their dream job right when they step off

22 May 2013

Campus resources help students dress for their big interviews

As the class of 2013 prepares to leave life at SF State, many graduates find themselves on the search for their future careers. Among the many important steps to land