12 Sep 2018

Last chance for Greek life recruitment on campus

For the past two weeks, sororities and fraternities have occupied the quad in hopes of recruiting new members into the Greek life. What initially began as a two-week tabling recruitment

04 Oct 2017

Hispanic: A label given to me by my Spanish oppressors

The use of the terms Hispanic, Latina and Latino are becoming altered in today’s society because of their historical meanings and new gender identifications. Hispanic is a term that refers

13 Dec 2016

Being a Black, Latina woman in Trump’s America

In high school, I never really fit in. I had friends, but I never truly felt like I belonged to a certain group. Even though I am African-American, I never

08 Mar 2016

Clinic empowers the Mission District community with new mural and free healthcare

Before Yakira Teitel was a medical student at UC San Francisco, she was a muralist. When she started volunteering at Clínica Martín-Baró, she wanted to do something that combined her