16 Apr 2019

LGBTQ Scholars of Color seek equal representation

The LGBTQ Scholars of Color Network hosted its third biennial conference at SF State to discuss LGBTQ people of color in the academic sphere. The LGBTQ Scholars of Color Network

20 Nov 2018

Queer homecoming celebrates inclusivity

Dozens of members of SF State’s LGBTQ+ community celebrated Queer Homecoming in the Mashouf Wellness Center’s MAC gym Friday night. Queer Homecoming is hosted by EGAY, an organization at SF

21 Oct 2016

LGBT History Month forgets own history

When you visit the LGBT History Month’s website, you’re presented with a list of 31 famous members of the community, one for each day of the month. These icons, as

19 Oct 2016

Queer Alliance works to recover from embezzlement

SF State’s Queer Alliance is attempting to re-register their club status for spring 2017 after a two semester long absence due to embezzlement of funds by a former member, said

12 Apr 2016

The Bathroom Bill: Toddlers and Lawmakers Agree

In a display of childlike ignorance, North Carolina State Rep. Ken Goodman muddled the concepts of gender identity and sexual orientation during an interview with NPR Tuesday morning. The segment

12 Apr 2016

Podcast: Multi-Published author and gay rights activist visits SF State

Sarah Schulman spoke at the Writers on Writing event, Monday, April 4 at SF State to talk about her writing process, her new novel “The Cosmopolitans” and what occupies her in life.

07 Apr 2016

Multi-published author and gay rights activist visits SF State

Sarah Schulman was six years old when she first started putting pen to paper, and has not stopped writing since. At first it was a portrait of the history of

04 Apr 2016

Trans people need more than a day of mourning

March 31 is Transgender Day of Visibility. If you weren’t aware, or didn’t even know that such a day existed, that’s understandable. It’s typical for trans people to be invisible, at

29 Mar 2016

Underserved Bisexual Students More Likely to Binge Drink, Study Finds

LGBTQ-affirming environments are ineffective in protecting bisexual students from already higher rates of alcohol abuse, according to a new study from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. Researchers

14 Mar 2016

Celebrity gender identities aren’t news

Following in the footsteps of sister Lana Wachowski, “Matrix” director Lilly Wachowski has come out as a transgender woman, but not entirely on her own terms. In a statement to the

09 Mar 2016

Queer and trans women of color are central focus of new Castro art exhibit

“Sisterhood is Powerful!” read the brightly colored poster that greeted guests at the GLBT History Museum. A new exhibit titled “Feminists to Feministas: Women of Color in Prints and Posters” opened March 4 at the

23 Feb 2016

Cis actors continue to take credit for trans rights

When I heard the news that a movie would be made based on the life of transgender pioneer Lili Elbe, I was cautiously optimistic. When I heard that Eddie Redmayne,

26 Jan 2016

Tatum’s performance drags down ‘Lip Sync Battle’

[media-credit id=294 align=”alignnone” width=”369″][/media-credit]  January is my favorite month of the year, mostly because it’s my birthday month. I spend all month surrounding myself with positive images to remind myself

20 May 2015

Lavender Graduation celebrates LGBTQ campus community

[slideshow_deploy id=’66668′] Sprigs of lavender, lavender tablecloths and lavender stoles decorated Jack Adams Hall May 17 for the Queer and Trans Resource Center’s third annual Lavender Graduation. For SF State’s LGBTQQIA

28 Apr 2015

Gender identity warrants public recognition

When Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner announced on national television last week that he has been transitioning into a woman since the 80s, viewers no longer saw the awkward, introverted figure the

14 Apr 2015

Trans activist uses life story and music to educate public

During an open mic night performance, singer-songwriter Ryan Otto Cassata exuded a confident demeanor that he said has been the key to his national recognition as a civil rights activist in

07 May 2014

SLIDESHOW: Gators pitch in on Pride parade float

[HTML1] For the first time ever, parade-goers at this year’s San Francisco Pride will see the addition of SF State’s Gator Pride float. At the parade, the float will follow

03 Mar 2014

Pride Prom celebrates diversity of SF State

[set_id=72157641718422053] The dance carried the air of a high school prom. Streamers and glittery tassels flowed on the ceiling each time a new group arrived. There were refreshments, a backdrop

18 Feb 2014

Cinema lecturer’s film tells story of undocumented teen, based on true events

Cinema lecturer Scott Boswell stands in the film equipment room on the fourth floor of the Fine Arts Building Monday, Feb. 17. Photo by Tony Santos / Xpress An SF

29 Nov 2012

Graduate student Gina de Vries sparks queer activism through writing

In a tiny bedroom full of books and trimmed with pink Christmas lights, writer and activist Gina de Vries’ experience melds with her talent for fiction. While much of de

18 Nov 2012

The Ins & Outs: Health care takes monumental step by covering sex reassignment surgery

Being unhappy with your appearance is hard enough to handle. The struggle to lose the extra pounds, appear taller and get the perfect haircut can psychologically weigh on a person’s soul.