21 Mar 2019

Protesters denounce CSU settlement over Zionism

A group of students blocked the MUNI M-Line tracks at the terminal just off campus Thursday to protest the settlement between California State University’s Board of Trustees and two Jewish

26 Feb 2019

As BART experiences higher demand, new Transbay crossing may be the answer

As more people rely on public transportation each year in the Bay Area, BART is considering adding a second Transbay crossing to keep up with its growing ridership. The demand

28 Aug 2018

Twin Peaks Tunnel reopens

The Twin Peaks Tunnel reopened on Saturday just in time to ease the way for the horde of commuters returning to SF State. Even better news for commuters, trains can

07 Feb 2018

Expensive city, expensive commute

Not all students at SF State have the luxury of living on campus or even in San Francisco. Students travel from all over the Bay Area, including Alameda, Marin and

30 Oct 2017

Shuttle lines remain long despite MUNI line passes provided by GatorPass

Midway through this semester, students riding SF State shuttles are experiencing longer wait times on campus than in the past, even with the new Gator Pass provided earlier this semester.

20 Sep 2017

Pricey commute for North Bay students

For Eden Yohannes, coming to SF State from Petaluma can cost up to $26 a day. She and other students from the North Bay often commute because they cannot afford

23 Aug 2017

Gator Pass: Good for some, not for all

After over a year of either anticipation or anger about an upcoming increase in student fees, the SF State Gator Pass is now officially in effect. The Gator Pass, which

09 May 2017

Students face long lines to pick up new Gator Pass

A line overflowed outside the Cesar Chavez Student Center as students waited to pick up their Gator Pass made available for the first time Monday afternoon. The pass, which becomes

05 Apr 2017

Muni needs to improve reliability

I was recently standing on the corner of 45th Street and Sloat Avenue in the unusually warm San Francisco air -— with small beads of sweat forming on the back

02 Nov 2016

Measure RR will keep BART safe and reliable

This spring, SF State students took historic action to improve the affordability and accessibility of their education with an overwhelming yes vote on the Gator Pass. As a result, students

02 May 2016

Students approve Gator Pass for Fall 2017

SF state students voted nearly 3-to-1 in favor of the Gator Pass after the student elections April 11-15. Students will have unlimited access to the Muni buses and light rails of San Francisco

11 Apr 2016

Gator Pass vote offers students discounted transportation with slight tuition raise

Monday through Friday, SF State students will have the opportunity to vote on a $180, per-semester addition to their tuition in exchange for a Gator Pass. The pass would provide

05 Apr 2016

L train changes anger Sunset residents

Residents and shop owners alike in the Sunset District’s Taraval Street have collected signatures opposing the proposed changes to the train stops in the area. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

02 Mar 2016

Public transportation safety concerns pose issues for SF State

The University Police Department and Parking and Transportation have created a new policy after the California Highway Patrol recently conducted routine inspections on several of the campus shuttle buses provided by Transmetro.

12 Feb 2016

Muni train derails near SF State, causing delays

A Muni train carrying six passengers derailed Friday morning on 19th Avenue near SF State, leading to a temporary shutdown of the station. “No one was injured in the M

05 Feb 2016

SFMTA looks to community for feedback on 19th Avenue project

The San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency had its first public meeting of 2016 at the Seven Hills Conference Center to discuss the 19th Avenue/M Ocean View Project, which plans to realign the M-Ocean

26 Jan 2016

Cost of Super Bowl celebrations outweighs the benefit

Super Bowl 50 will be held Feb. 7 in Santa Clara, California, but it won’t be the city of Santa Clara that is paying for it, and two members of

28 Apr 2015

Muni improvements assure faster commute for students

Additional reporting done by Steve Calderon  As the Municipal Transit Agency service improvements rolled out across the city Saturday, SF State sophomore Andrea Rios said she waited nearly half an hour at

15 Apr 2015

University progresses on path to discounted transit passes

The commute from Fairfax to campus costs linguistics major Alexander Williams $6 each way, and compounded over dozens of trips every semester, the expense has become a strain for which he

31 Mar 2015

Recent luxury bus lines beneficial for future of transportation

San Francisco is a place of opportunity. While some move here to start a business, others move for the plentiful jobs this metropolis has to offer. The opportunity to live

08 Apr 2014

M-Ocean View line underground proposal has high cost, no definite gain

A faster commute between campus and downtown is a nice thought, but building a subway through 19th Avenue is a pipe dream. The project is designed with good intentions but

08 Apr 2014

“Be Nice, Look Twice” isn’t as nice as M-Ocean View line going underground

Twenty-one pedestrians were hit and killed last year in San Francisco and Mayor Ed Lee’s “Be Nice, Look Twice” Campaign is among the most useless things he’s done during his

06 Mar 2014

SFMTA may cut stops from the 28 line

Sophomore Kinesology major Rodney Torres boards a 28 bus at the bus stop at the top of campus on 19th Avenue heading toward Fort Mason Monday, March 10. Photo by

18 Feb 2014

ASI members work towards affordable public transportation

Students enter the M-line train on 19th Avenue Tuesday, Feb. 18. ASI is proposing a new student fee to help subsidize transportation costs for students. Photo by Ryan Leibrich /

16 Oct 2013

Woman drives onto 19th Avenue Muni tracks, causes M line delay

SF State faculty and students’ commute was delayed earlier tonight due to a stuck car on the Muni tracks at 19th Avenue and Crespi Drive. An unidentified 49-year-old woman drove

01 Oct 2013

City proposes Muni M-line to run under Parkmerced, extend to Daly City BART

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) proposed the elimination of parking spaces along 19th Avenue to make room for a new M-Ocean View Muni line that would run underground through

10 Sep 2013

City and campus must negotiate for cheaper student transportation

Eighty-nine percent of SF State students live off-campus, which makes transportation critical to our University’s success. But out of all 23 CSU campuses, SF State is the only one that

28 Jan 2013

Muni employees rack up $100,000 in overtime hours

Doubling one’s salary in overtime hours is a dream for some — but for a few San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency workers, it is a reality. According to the San

28 Nov 2012

Muni to launch new line for 5-Fulton during spring

After a long day of school, business major Justin Helzberg wants to get home so he can kick off his shoes, doze off for an hour and catch up on

30 Oct 2012

Clipper transfer charging issue alleviated for commuter students

BART is trying to do away with the old yellow paper transfers to Muni, but some passengers are wary of recent charging issues with Clipper. People who arrive at Daly

22 Oct 2012

Hackathon community uses brainpower to create apps that improve public transportation

There is a love-hate relationship when it comes to transportation in San Francisco. This past weekend, close to 120 people gathered to put their brains together to create an optimal

24 Sep 2012

BART sees record-breaking ridership in September

As students from SF State and other schools throughout the Bay Area are back in session, BART, Muni and Caltrain have seen a spike in ridership in September, marking a record-breaking