10 Dec 2018

Supreme Court rejects defunding case against Planned Parenthood

The Supreme Court has declined to review a defunding case that would block most abortion providers from Medicaid, John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh have decided to turn away the petition

14 Nov 2018

Emerging Planned Parenthood club offers various resources for marginalized groups

The same student who got tampon dispensers on the El Toro High School campus for the first time in its history is now president of the new Planned Parenthood Generation

Illustration by Bersain Gutierrez
25 Jan 2017

Lady and the Trump

Greedy fat cats in wool suits and leather shoes seek to steal a woman’s freedom and claim it’s not her right to choose. No matter who or what you pray

09 Feb 2016

Despite controversy, Planned Parenthood remains an important resource

When it comes to your sex life, having the right to know what to do in order to be safe under the sheets is important, and Planned Parenthood is a good

07 Oct 2015

Female masturbation isn’t a sin; it empowers women

The girls I’ve befriended over the years discuss practically every detail about their sex lives. They compare the size of their boyfriend’s penises, the number of partners they’ve slept with, who

22 Sep 2015

House’s Planned Parenthood bill attacks women’s rights

The U.S. House of Representatives announced its intention to violate the inalienable rights of American citizens Friday, when it voted to deny millions of women access to affordable reproductive health

07 Apr 2013

SF supervisors should pass mandatory buffer zone law for clinics

San Francisco has always been the stomping grounds of activists protesting contentious issues. Abortion is no different. No matter which side of the issue you come down on, passions run

03 Apr 2013

New legislation to expand buffer zone around Planned Parenthood clinics

If proposed legislation becomes law, women in San Francisco may get the chance to walk into Planned Parenthood clinics without having to wade through a sea of protesters. Supervisor David