02 Apr 2019

CSU to protect Zionist views after settlement

California State University reached a settlement March 20 with two SF State students who sued the Board of Trustees alleging the University discriminated against them based on their religion. A

25 Apr 2018

Student explores Satanism

Since he was a kid, Shea Bilé says he has lived in a mystic world. Growing up in a haunted house, being exposed to disembodied voices, incidents of dreams, flickering

12 Apr 2016

Muslim student association host Islam awareness week

SF State’s Muslim Students Association held Islam Awareness Week March 28 to April 1. Their week-long activities included guest speakers talking about Islamophobia, a question and answer discussion about Islam,

23 Feb 2016

Bible thumpers should hate less and love more

I’ve always had a strong, “you-do-you” policy when it comes to religion. You do you, and you believe in what you want, as long as you aren’t harming anyone. Growing

18 Sep 2013

Xpress staffer reflects on past life as a Jehovah’s Witness

Defining your own beliefs and developing a philosophy on life outside those taught by your parents is one of the greatest things one can accomplish in growing older. Many of