19 Mar 2019

Bicyclist fatality angers community

Bicycle advocacy groups urged the city of San Francisco to add more protected bike lanes after a traffic collision killed a bicyclist riding down Howard Street on March 8. A

05 Mar 2019

City plans to create support center for residents living out of vehicles

Thirty four-year-old Mohamad Alajtal starts his day by working and taking classes for his master’s degree in mechanical engineering at SF State. After completing his undergraduate studies in Libya, he

12 Feb 2019

Gator Pass relies on student fee to boost BART discount

SF State students will receive a 50 percent fare reduction on BART rides with the use of the Gator Pass starting March 1, but because the program is funded by

05 Feb 2019

Taxi drivers protest SFO policy

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is facing controversy over a new airport regulation that blocks access to San Francisco International Airport for hundreds of drivers while prioritizing others. The

Photo: Natalia Pourazar
01 Feb 2019

SF taxi drivers preparing to protest over new SFMTA policy

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is facing controversy over a new airport regulation that will block access to San Francisco International Airport for hundreds of drivers.

05 Feb 2016

SFMTA looks to community for feedback on 19th Avenue project

The San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency had its first public meeting of 2016 at the Seven Hills Conference Center to discuss the 19th Avenue/M Ocean View Project, which plans to realign the M-Ocean

09 Sep 2015

Remapping planned for Muni routes

SF State students will see changes to their Muni routes beginning Sept. 26 as part of a citywide Muni improvement program, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority announced Aug. 28. The changes are part

02 Sep 2015

Muni plastic transfers: taking the bus is now for the rich

San Francisco’s public transit system is best known for three things: rarely being on time, frequently breaking down and giving out those long, colorful, paper transfers that crafty commuters can fold up

28 Apr 2015

Muni improvements assure faster commute for students

Additional reporting done by Steve Calderon  As the Municipal Transit Agency service improvements rolled out across the city Saturday, SF State sophomore Andrea Rios said she waited nearly half an hour at

Mark Dreger (left) and Janice Li (right) taking biking to the first stop of prospective sites concerning cycling traffic by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014.
02 Nov 2014

Transportation experts meet with community to refocus 19th Avenue project on bicycle friendliness

The San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency and local bicyclists came together Saturday to reimagine a more bike-friendly transportation corridor for 19th Avenue. Representatives from the SFMTA invited local bicyclists to

16 Oct 2013

Woman drives onto 19th Avenue Muni tracks, causes M line delay

SF State faculty and students’ commute was delayed earlier tonight due to a stuck car on the Muni tracks at 19th Avenue and Crespi Drive. An unidentified 49-year-old woman drove

01 Oct 2013

City proposes Muni M-line to run under Parkmerced, extend to Daly City BART

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) proposed the elimination of parking spaces along 19th Avenue to make room for a new M-Ocean View Muni line that would run underground through

28 Feb 2013

SFMTA launches Bicycle Strategy to increase bike development, safety

[HTML2] See “Bicycle routes to SF State” Julie McNamara packs her 12-hour day into her Rickshaw commuter bag before leaving home. The 21-year-old SF State graduating senior is not only double-majoring

16 May 2012

San Francisco looks to improve taxi service

San Francisco city officials are working on ways to ease the pain of hailing a cab and finding inventive ways to improve taxi service. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency