19 Mar 2019

Students showcase one-act plays at Fringe Festival

The Fringe Festival gave SF State playwrights and actors an opportunity to showcase their skills and creative expression in a two-week production of plays. SF State school of theatre and

16 Feb 2019

Actors from London set to visit SF State

Actors from the London Stage, a Shakespeare theater company, will visit SF State March 5-9 as part of their American tour. The touring group was developed in 1975 by professor

12 Dec 2018

“Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles,” a story of the common immigration experience

Sexual assault, family separation and sometimes death are some of the outcomes of immigration for many families. “Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles” chronicles the journey of a family of

07 Sep 2018

Comedy night gets underway at The Depot

Moonwalking hosts, jokes about depression and no sun –– it was all part of the fun at The Depot’s first comedy night of the fall semester, held on Wednesday from

02 May 2018

“Hair” brings in sold out crowd opening night

Tie-dye and vintage costumes graced the hallways of the Creative Arts building in honor of “Hair: The American Tribal Love Rock Music,” an SF State musical production directed by Laura

18 Apr 2018

Student costume designer prepares for production

Fabric is plastered all over the walls of Room 122 in the Creative Arts building, alive and vibrant. Rachel Herscher is seen scurrying around the room, picking up clothes and accessories

09 Mar 2018

The Fringe: short stories written and directed by students

The anticipation inside Room 104 of the creative arts building was at an all-time high. Actors in costumes and directos all scurry around the room putting final touches to their

07 Mar 2018

Sucia: a Latina Cinderella story

“She travels far. All the way to allá [there].” This line embodies the spirit of “Sucia,” a girl who is determined to reach her dreams after she realizes that she

13 Dec 2017

Eye popping play premiers

From twerking, Trump and penises to the gender swapped roles, Lysistrata, the musical of the season at SF State, stepped forward to make a statement on stage. Based on an

25 Oct 2017

Laramie: the show went on

The Laramie Project, a production at SF State by the theater department, was supposed to open on Thursday, Oct. 12. However, like the rest of campus due to the fires,

17 Nov 2015

Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing welcomes the roaring ’20s

One year after the world commemorated the onset of World War I with candlelight vigils, SF State’s theatre department will put on their second main stage production of the year, a ’20s-themed

05 Oct 2015

Roommates and co-stars lead main stage in Stop Kiss

The familiar sound of popcorn kernels firing away in the microwave signals the beginning of movie night at the home of SF State theatre majors Lauren “Lo” Prentiss and Rosie

15 Sep 2015

SF state’s fringe plays begins with absinthe green

Absinthe Green, a dramatic production teeming with mystery, obsession and gunplay, will open the Fringe Goes Long series Sept. 25. Fringe Goes Long, SF State’s annual series of full-length, one-act plays, features

26 Aug 2015

SF state students selected for international dramatic arts seminar

The illustrious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art opened its doors to 11 students from the U.S. and one from Canada. Through the Performing Arts Abroad program, SF State theatre majors

22 Apr 2015

CockTales promotes student discussion on gender through performance

Before being diagnosed with the painful musculoskeletal condition Fibromyalgia halfway through his sophomore year of college, 24-year-old Nathan Barone associated being a man with his ability to play sports. “It forced me

21 Apr 2015

Mermaids, murder and love come to life in student playwright

The sounds of accusatory shouts and heavy fist-pounding punctured the silent hillside neighborhood of Rockridge in Oakland as several sets of footsteps darted across the wooden floors of the cream colored cottage at the end of Pedestrian Way. Amongst the domestic

08 Apr 2015

Dancers to demonstrate women strength through concert

Donned in gruesome face masks, members of SF State’s dance company’s writhed about the stage in a nightmarish dance of demons inspired from ancient Japanese folklore. The company’s upcoming dance piece, “Kijo,” is just one of

10 Mar 2015

“Learned Ladies” play educates using comedic satire

Dressed in immaculately curled wigs and dramatic 17th Century garb, the characters of French classic play “Learned Ladies” pit love and knowledge against each other in an over-the-top family feud. SF State’s

08 Dec 2014

Fringe Goes Long offers diverse plays written by students

After months of practice, edits and rewrites, theater students will premiere student-written plays at their annual Fringe Goes Long event. Beginning three years ago, Fringe Goes Long was created as a

Lo Prentiss, playing Jean, and Jacob Hsieh, playing Dwight, bows after "Dead Man's Cellphone", a comedy by Sarah Ruhl, Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014 in the Little Theater.
22 Oct 2014

Dead Man’s Cell Phone premiere creates buzz and laughter with SF State audience

A quiet café is where it all went down. A woman sat at a table addressing thank-you cards, when the bothersome buzz of a man’s cell phone begins. This new

Annette Bening sits in a dressing room in the Creative Arts Building Friday, Oct. 10, 2014.
11 Oct 2014

Actress Annette Bening revisits alma mater and treats theatre and cinema students to inspiring talk

While a crowd of eager students stood in the halls awaiting her presence, actress Annette Bening slowly toured the rooms of her alma mater’s theatre department, reminiscing about directors she worked

30 Sep 2014

SF State stars rise with the West Coast premiere of rock musical Yeast Nation

It’s a tale of two SF State actors; an alumna and student rejoining their craft in their roles as mother and son as they traverse through the beginning of life

SF State students Ethan Fry (left) and Kyle Merryman (right) perform William Shakespeare's "As You Like It" during the 2nd annual Opening Day Festival hosted by the College of Liberal & Creative arts Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014. Annastashia Goolsby / Xpress.
28 Sep 2014

College of Liberal and Creative Arts open their doors for student showcase.

The second annual College of Liberal and Creative Arts Opening Day gave students a reason to brag about their work Sunday afternoon in a festival full of talent and creativity.

Characters Henry (Daniel Thibodeaux) and Laura (Kaitlin Clancey) get confrontational after a minor car accident in "One Man Show," filmed by alum Jonathan Salazar.
27 Sep 2014

Alumni team produce debut film from small budget and big dreams; set to show at SF State in October

“One Man Show” tells the story of a hopeful playwright’s dream gone wrong — a story an SF State alumni turned into their debut film with a small budget and

07 Sep 2014

Student makes a name for himself in Bay Area theater scene long before graduation

Blake Cianciarulo never dreamed of working in theater when he was little. His dream began in high school when the drama teacher approached the track team for some help moving

13 May 2014

BECA students ready for their close-up in upcoming awards show

An Oscars-esque awards show is making its way down the red carpet this week in the style of BECAfest 2014. The only difference: the audience will be cheering for fellow

07 May 2014

Annual Fringe festival offers unique plays by students

With titles involving knives, spaghetti, girl mathletes and a bus full of memories, SF State’s The Fringe gathers unique plays penned by students and promises a fun close to the

20 Apr 2014

Shakespeare play gets a makeover in ‘Beatrice and Benedick’

The setting: San Francisco, 1945. The people: nurses and Navy men. The adaptation: Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.” The point: forget everything you think you know about opera. SF State

16 Apr 2014

VIDEO: ‘In Hollow Time’ delivers dynamic cast and crew, shines spotlight on SF State original talent

[HTML1] Blue lights canvass the stage. The guitar strums. A woman sings slowly. A beat. Another slams poetic rhymes. They jive. They thrive. Off each other’s lines. Their lives. Then

16 Apr 2014

VIDEO: Dancers grace the stage in ‘Lifesaving Maneuvers’ concert

  Members of the campus community sat in awe of the grace in the dancers’ movements at the School of Music and Dance’s annual University Dance Theater dance concert, titled

04 Apr 2014

Animation professor’s films to be displayed at SF International Film Fest and on Digital Dome

Ben Ridgway, assistant professor of cinema and animation advisor, works in the Fine Arts Building animation room, Friday, April 4. Photo by Tony Santos / Xpress A cosmic flower is

20 Mar 2014

Cinema professor’s tale of ‘broken’ and ‘desperate’ men may win big at SF International Film Fest

A cinema professor has the chance to take home $10,000 if his documentary is chosen as the winner of the Golden Gate Awards during the 57th San Francisco International Film

18 Mar 2014

Cinema students document life in Lan Yan slum, hidden in shadows of Shanghai’s skyscrapers

Lan Yan filmmakers, Pawara Soh, Jamie Oliveira, Danielle Schmidt, Sany Lu, and Lena Zeng in the seats of the Sundance Kabuki CInema for CAAMFest 2014 Sunday, Mar. 16. Their film

14 Mar 2014

Screenwriter Pamela Gray talks cynicism and optimism on writing female-driven screenplays

Screenwriter Pamela Gray hit the audience with sobering statistics, ruins of reality and continual cynicism in her discussion on writing and selling the female-centered screenplay. Then she really got to

12 Mar 2014

“Measure for Measure” fuses modern-day direction with classic Shakespeare

[HTML1] View the gritty, sexual atmosphere of the opening dance number and you’ll know this isn’t your average school play; hear the hip-hop and R&B background music and you’ll sense

11 Mar 2014

Filmmaking alumnus determined to attend Cannes Film Festival

Andrew Cathey, director (right), and Zachary Ready, co-director (left), pose behind drying film in the halls of the Fine Arts building Monday, Mar. 10, 2014. Cathey’s team, Pocket Pool Productions,