10 Oct 2018

Make social media normal again

Kanye West, or should I say Ye West, has proved it all. From musical mogel to fashion designer and now ex-social media icon, the “College Dropout” artist even went back

13 Dec 2017

Trump tweets

President Trump has broken tradition on more than one occasion since taking office. Some of the most notable traditions have been sports-based, like the long term tradition of throwing out

01 Mar 2016

SFO safety precautions border on racial profiling

If you’ve ever seen a young Punjabi man, you’ve probably noticed his turban. Aside from being stylish, it’s a religious sign of spirituality and holiness in the Sikh faith. The

16 Feb 2016

Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ ignites controversy in White America

Public service announcement to those who are shaming Beyoncé for expressing her “blackness”: she owes you nothing. Beyoncé shocked the world during her Super Bowl halftime performance showcasing her new

14 Aug 2014

San Franciscans launch counter-protest against Westboro Baptist Church

Protesters rallied against Westboro Baptist Church members who picketed in San Francisco Tuesday as part of their God Hates the Media Tour. The counter-protest started at the Twitter headquarters on

01 Oct 2013

Social media flaws can prevent employment

Graphic by Holly Nall In a generation that grew up in the rise of the Internet and boom of social media, it’s amazing to me how little my peers use