05 Sep 2019

Suspect arrested following University Park North burglary

The University Police Department arrested a male suspect this afternoon in relation to the residential burglary that took place in University Park North at approximately 3:15 a.m., Sept. 5. UPD

03 Sep 2019

UPD inconsistently responds to student safety

The University Police Department prides itself on “delivering professional community policing with integrity and sensitivity.” As of Sept. 1, day 244 of the year, there have been 283 mass shootings

28 Aug 2019

SF State welcomes newest addition to UPD

Chief of Police Reginald Parson (Photo courtesy of Parson)    Reginald Parson, SF State’s newly dubbed chief of police, pledges to help the university police department build a safer community

21 May 2019

Professor calls UPD on student of color

An SF State professor called University police (UPD) on a Black student after a minor classroom disruption April 11.  Since then he has struggled to complete his coursework and contacting

14 May 2019

Rap battle ends in brawl

University police are searching for a man seen fleeing the Cesar Chavez Student Center after a brawl broke out in the midst of a rap battle on May 14, leaving

30 Apr 2019

Standoff ends after police tackle suspect

A man found to be in possession of a stolen vehicle is taken away on a stretcher after being tackled by police on Tapia Drive near the SF State Humanities

21 Feb 2019

Student witnesses aftermath of alleged robbery from University Park North High Rise

A resident of the University Park High Rises at 255 Buckingham Way reported witnessing the aftermath of a robbery just before midnight Wednesday.

04 Dec 2018

Argument leads to assault with deadly weapon

An unknown suspect allegedly assaulted an SF State student with a 6-inch to 12-inch machete after a verbal altercation in the Centennial Village at 12:30 a.m. on Monday night, Dec.

28 Nov 2018

Thefts surge across campus

Hold on to your belongings, SF State is experiencing a rash of thefts across campus. Since the beginning of October, victims have reported 51 incidents of petty theft, grand theft,

14 Feb 2018

Attempted Burglary at SF State

A male broke into an SF State female’s apartment while she was inside. After the man broke in he then fled the area. There were two other females at the

07 Feb 2018

Person found dead at Mary Ward Hall

A man was reported dead on the first floor of Mary Ward Hall on Tuesday, Feb. 6, at 10:18 p.m. Nickie Young, a 24-year old San Francisco resident was announced

30 Oct 2017

Q&A with SF State Police Chief Wu

For many years, Jason Wu would dress up every Halloween as “Bingo” from the 1960s kids television program, “The Banana Splits Adventure Hour.” Today, Wu dawns a police uniform as

16 Mar 2017

Conservative-leaning students express concern for lack of intellectual diversity

SF State ranks in the top 21 percent of surveyed universities in overall diversity, and top 2 percent when rated specifically for ethnic diversity, according to College Factual, but some

09 Mar 2017

Campus efforts to mitigate sexual assault don’t guarantee safety

Harmony Notman works full-time at Stonestown Galleria, only a short distance from her Village at Centennial Square residence on campus, but the walk makes her nervous. Notman leaves her job

01 Dec 2016

SF State responds to Ohio State University attack

“Run. Hide. Fight.” Ohio State University students and faculty received this message Monday morning after a student terrorized the campus with a car and knife, sending 11 people to the

18 Mar 2015

Other victims come forward after suspect arrested

A total of six victims have come forward to the University Police Department in connection to a suspect arrested in Park Merced Thursday for multiple counts of indecent exposure, according

11 Feb 2015

Late-night sexual assault increases campus awareness

An unknown subject allegedly groped a female’s breasts and groin and threatened her with a sharp object on campus Thursday morning, according to a report by University officials. The University

11 Feb 2015

Recent attacks question campus safety

On any given day, a casual stroll across campus might include seeing friends sunning on the quad, chatting with student club members in Malcolm X Plaza or making a quick

19 Feb 2014

Students search for definitive answer on why Wong said no to Tasers

SF State President Leslie Wong talks with Xpress news staff about his decision not to arm University police officers with Tasers Monday, Feb. 10. Photo by Jessica Christian / Xpress

10 Feb 2014

President Wong decides against Tasers at SF State

SF State President Leslie Wong talks with Xpress staff about his decision not to arm University police officers with Tasers Monday, Feb. 10. Photo by Jessica Christian / Xpress In

19 Nov 2013

Taser dispute rouses plans for protests

A group of students against the University Police Department’s proposed use of Tasers hosted a meeting in the Richard Oakes Multicultural Center, Cesar Chavez Student Center room T143, Tuesday, to

19 Nov 2013

University has yet to answer why campus police need Tasers

Tasers, Tasers, Tasers… I get it – I’m tired of hearing about SF State’s Taser debate, too. But is the solution to let the administration do whatever they want because

12 Nov 2013

The Taser debate should stop, says Xpress news editor

Drawn by Kirstie Haruta The entire dispute over Tasers is ridiculous and needs to end so we can move on to more important things. SF State President Leslie E. Wong

23 Oct 2013

UPD awaits Taser approval from President Wong

At a party last fall in Redwood City, a fight over drugs broke out. Officers arrived at the scene and SF State student Daniel Atwood decided to make a run

25 Sep 2013

Taser program standardization stretches statewide for CSU police

While campus police officers across California use pepper spray, guns, handcuffs and batons; SF State’s University Police Department officials propose another tool be added to their utility belt — the

17 Sep 2013

Xpress staff approves use of police shock weapons with proper training

Cartoon by Kirstie Haruta With 24-hour door monitoring and increased in-and-out visitor registration being enforced in the dorms, it’s clear that campus security is on the rise. But what paramounts

17 Sep 2013

University police begin Taser training

University Police Department officers patrolling the campus and surrounding areas may soon carry electroshock weapons. These devices, commonly known by the brand name, Taser, are designed to generate an electric

22 May 2013

SF State incidents create mixed reactions among students

[HTML1] SF State hosted its share of excitement this past week with six arrests, two protests and a load of stress to students, staff and faculty. The arrest of six

17 May 2013

SF Commune activists protest dorm arrests at SF State

[HTML7] [HTML6] SF Commune activists and SF State students gathered at Malcolm X Plaza today in protest of “police brutality” during the removal and arrest of six non-residents from Mary