14 Dec 2017

The Journey of Composing

Star Wars inspired him. After he watched Star Wars Episode IV, he started making short films by himself. Then began composing the music for those films. Now, he enjoys composing

24 May 2017

From Prison to College

Multimedia package on the experience of adjusting to college after prison

17 Dec 2013

SF State’s Ultimate Frisbee club returns after five years

[HTML1] Video by Tony Santos and Treya Winfield Nearly five years ago, SF State lost its small but talented Ultimate Frisbee club when its founders graduated. Now, the disc-throwing sport

03 Oct 2013

Product Design students build racecars

[HTML1] Design and Industry students built racecars for their first project of the semester. The materials used were a 16 inch sheet of metal, 20 feet of quarter-inch rod, and three

17 Sep 2013

Gator rugby aspires to be big-ticket University sport

[HTML1] Video by Daniel A. Nelson [set_id=72157635603049864] After going completely defeated last year in their debut Division I-AA season, the SF State rugby team hits back with a vengeance. This

26 Aug 2013

Welcome Days enlivens SF State’s incoming students

[HTML1] [set_id=72157635234550195] Last Thursday SF State kicked off the fall semester for incoming and returning students with a plethora of festivities from moving into the dorms to pigging out on

17 May 2013

SF Commune activists protest dorm arrests at SF State

[HTML7] [HTML6] SF Commune activists and SF State students gathered at Malcolm X Plaza today in protest of “police brutality” during the removal and arrest of six non-residents from Mary

16 May 2013

Protest breaks out after arrests at SF State

Editor’s Note: There is some graphic content in the videos posted in this article [HTML2] [HTML1] Videos courtesy of Nick Morris and Natasha [HTML3] Several non-residents were arrested and forcefully removed

07 May 2013

Korean American artist sculpts dual identity

A young man in clay-smudged jeans sits on a stool, steps on a pedal and molds a heap of clay with quiet finesse. The wheel spins the now curvy tower

01 May 2013

Alcatraz exhibit highlights Native American history

By Lulu Orozco The opening celebration of the historic American Indian occupation exhibit “We Are Still Here” echoed through the walls of Alcatraz Island, where occupation veterans, historians and university

30 Apr 2013

SF State’s music scene fosters vibrant community

[set_id=72157633375486561] By Kristen Martz and Lovelie Faustino As new students living in the dorms at SF State, Gregory DiMartino and Julian Borrego weren’t allowed to practice their music in their

23 Apr 2013

Broadway's hit 'Avenue Q' graces Little Theatre stage

“Avenue Q” could be described as Broadway’s little engine that could. In 2004, the show reached legendary status when it unexpectedly won the Tony award for best musical over the mega-blockbuster, “Wicked.” Since

23 Apr 2013

Vocal performance student discovers lost Filipino love songs

Standing at a mere 5-foot-3, 22-year-old Rachel Larsen is packed with passion and —  surprisingly — one of the biggest voices you’ve ever heard. As a graduating senior this May,

16 Apr 2013

Beloved disability activist, professor remembered at reception

Friends, colleagues and loved ones celebrated disability activist and SF State professor Paul Longmore’s life and works at the University’s downtown campus in a series of speeches titled “Mischievous Entanglements:

02 Apr 2013

Culinary program cultivates, propels new food businesses

Click Here To See Photo Gallery Hundreds of chatty, hungry customers lined up outside the doors waiting to get their fix of free red velvet, tres leches, savory cupcake samples

06 Mar 2013

Israeli Apartheid Week demonstrations draw mixed reactions at SF State

Two walls stood as a blockade to the entrance of Malcolm X Plaza. Students were asked to show their SF State identification before passing through to the Cesar Chavez Student

28 Feb 2013

SFMTA launches Bicycle Strategy to increase bike development, safety

[HTML2] See “Bicycle routes to SF State” Julie McNamara packs her 12-hour day into her Rickshaw commuter bag before leaving home. The 21-year-old SF State graduating senior is not only double-majoring

27 Feb 2013

President Wong's Harlem Shake appearance makes impression on SF State

A crowd of SF State administration and students adorned in colorful costumes stood in a circle cheering for President Leslie E. Wong, Feb. 22, as he danced at the center of

14 Feb 2013

BREAKING: Cry to God provokes student confrontation at SF State demonstration

[HTML1] A trio of self-proclaimed born-again Christians known as Cry to God gathered at the Quad in front of Malcolm X Plaza at SF State earlier today, Feb. 14 in

05 Feb 2013

THE SWAMP: What's your opinion on online education?

We asked SF State students how they feel about online education. Hopefully they enjoy it, because I consider this blog to be a form of online education for the masses.

30 Jan 2013

VIDEO: What is your favorite Super Bowl tradition?

Multimedia editor for Xpress, Wyatt McCall, searched the SF State campus for students who have Super Bowl traditions that they stick to every year. Here you can see students talk

29 Jan 2013

VIDEO: SF State student director revamps Greek classic, 'Eurydice'

Ben Calabrese is captivated by the action unfolding on stage; two star-crossed lovers, one on a table and the other on a chair, lean in for a passionate kiss when

22 Dec 2012

VIDEO: 61-year-old creative writing student expands on importance of education

Fred Dodsworth, a man not shy of an abundance of charm and energy, speaks out about his choices to go back to school and sheds a little light for those

21 Dec 2012

VIDEO: Filipino American community enhances cultural presence

From their involvement in the Civil Rights Movement to their continuing struggle today to help the Filipino WWII Veterans acquire benefits, the Filipino American community of San Francisco continuously expands

20 Dec 2012

VIDEO: Gamers unite at Street Fighter anniversary tournament

Many people enjoy playing video games like Street Fighter, but a select few have dedicated their lives to becoming the very best and competing at the highest levels. The people

11 Dec 2012

VIDEO: Queer Rebels revitalizes QPOC performance art

Through an “unapologetically, riotously gay” performance, Queer Rebel Productions is shaking out the rugs under which the histories of queer people of color have been swept. Partners in work and in

04 Dec 2012

VIDEO: Shooting instructor Walter Biondi hopes to keep lone SF gun club open

Walter Biondi is 94 years old. He joined the Pacific Rod and Gun Club in 1980 after his retirement, and he teaches skeet shooting at the club for almost 20 years. The

04 Dec 2012

VIDEO: Intramural Soccer League engages students in friendly competition

Xpress catches up with students from the Intramural Soccer League during one of their indoor practices. Students meet up in the gym Monday nights starting at 7 p.m. to engage

27 Nov 2012

VIDEO: SF State takes on romantic tragedy 'Lorenzaccio'

The stage of SF State’s Little Theatre is an arena of manufactured shadows. Giant mirror-plated pillars surround the stage and can be rotated on command to bounce the ominous lighting

13 Nov 2012

VIDEO: Faculty and staff strike up lively competition at monthly bowling league

It requires a strong wrist, careful footing and precise aim to bombard a set of 10 blocks of maple wood with a 16-pound sphere to obtain a strike. Once a

06 Nov 2012

VIDEO: Voters on Election Day 2012

San Francisco State University Photojournalism V students collaborated for multimedia coverage of the 2012 General Election in the Bay Area. Students went to several different polling places across San Francisco

06 Nov 2012

VIDEO: First-time voter expresses excitement over Election Day

Freshman Karina Banuelos votes for the first time, after four years of being invested in the Obama campaign. Banuelos is a sociology major, working her way through school. She believes

21 Oct 2012

VIDEO: Paul Rodriguez expresses love over street skating at Dew Tour

Golden Gate Xpress spoke with street skateboarder Paul Rodriguez about maintaining a good balance between street skating and park skating. See why Rodriguez’s passion lies in street skating and the

20 Oct 2012

VIDEO: Catching up with pro skater Theotis Beasley at Dew Tour

Golden Gate Xpress had the opportunity to conduct an interview with professional skater Theotis Beasley at the Dew Tour at Civic Center Plaza in San Francisco.

17 Oct 2012

VIDEO: Campus Cat Committee celebrates Feed a Feral Cat Day

SF State feline enthusiasts gathered food donations today to help support and feed feral cats living on campus. There are currently about a dozen fixed feral cats living at SF