09 Apr 2019

Gators rise above swamp

The away team wooden bleachers of Maloney field are overgrown with plants after nearly two months of rain have caused home games to be cancelled. (ILDAR SABIROV/ Golden Gate Xpress)

05 Mar 2019

Campus loses power amid rainy weather

Roughly 5,000 people in the surrounding SF State community were affected by a power outage that occurred roughly at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to PG&E. The cause of the power

12 Feb 2019

Snow and hail dust Bay Area

A sudden drop in temperatures brought rain, snow, and hail to the Bay Area for the first week of February, taking many residents by surprise with no signs of stopping

26 Apr 2016

The weather isn’t ‘bipolar,’ you’re just ableist

In the past few months the weather has been oscillating randomly from chilly sweater weather to summery heat. Just last Friday I woke up to dreary drizzle, and by the time

15 Mar 2016

El Niño isn’t a cure for California’s drought

San Francisco recently experienced nearly two straight weeks of rainy weather thanks to El Niño, which was enough to make some people forget about one of the largest issues still facing

15 Mar 2016

Students affected by El Niño’s wrath

Power outages and flooding affected SF State and its students this past weekend due to the increased rainfall from El Niño. This weather has hindered on-campus Café Rosso, nearby Stonestown