09 Sep 2019

Women Gators Start Season with Draw in Denver

The women’s soccer team traveled over 1,250 miles for their opening season game against the Regis Rangers in Denver, resulting in a 1–1 draw.  Going in, head coach Brittany Cameron

23 Feb 2019

Rescue teams continue search for missing woman in Fort Funston landslide

A landslide buried two women at Fort Funston on Feb. 22, leaving one injured and one still unaccounted for as of Monday evening.    Witnesses said two women became trapped

20 Oct 2018

Being a woman in modern society

For as long as I can remember, being a woman is filled with this need for perfection. The concept of having the right lipstick, liking pink, and being skinny and

13 Dec 2016

Being a Black, Latina woman in Trump’s America

In high school, I never really fit in. I had friends, but I never truly felt like I belonged to a certain group. Even though I am African-American, I never