30 Apr 2019

‘Walk, Run and Roll’ aims to reduce waste, boost health

Racers line up at the starting line with the Gator mascot before SF State’s 7th annual 5K Walk, Run, and Roll on April 28, 2019, inviting students, faculty, staff, alumni,

05 Feb 2019

The newest eco-friendly accessory: reusable cups

Once upon a time, a quarter was worth more than a chalky gumball from a candy machine. In the 1950s, gas averaged 25 cents per gallon and a single movie

20 Mar 2014

Without water bottles, SF is that much closer to zero waste

When the Board of Supervisors unanimously supported a measure that would restrict the sale of water bottles in San Francisco, the city got closer to its goal of Zero Waste

17 Oct 2012

San Francisco on track for zero waste goal

What do a banana peel, an empty soda can and that essay you never picked up last semester have in common? They’re all trash, and in San Francisco, they have