Students walk in and out of the Cesar Chavez Student Center, which is home to 12 out the 13 AS programs, on Sept. 26, 2022. (Oscar Palma / Golden Gate Xpress)
Students walk in and out of the Cesar Chavez Student Center, which is home to 12 out the 13 AS programs, on Sept. 26, 2022. (Oscar Palma / Golden Gate Xpress)

A guide to Associated Students’ 13 programs for financial assistance, childcare and more

Faculty and students aim to assist campus through safe spaces and educational resources.

September 27, 2022

From high tuition to the difficulty of finding a community, the college experience can be a  challenging journey for any student and SF State’s Associated Students knows that. The student-run government funds 13 different programs at the Cesar Chavez Student Center to offer a variety of resources for the entire student body.

These programs are divided into four categories: Cultural and Social Justice, Education and Equity, Events and Entertainment and Specialized Community Programs.

Cultural and Social Justice

Queer & Trans Resource Center

This program offers a space where students in  LGBTQIA+ communities can learn about the different events and resources that the school offers. Students can learn how to change their name at SF State, access their library and get more involved in the campus community.

The offices are located at Cesar Chavez Student Center Room M-109.

Women’s Center 

The primary goal of this program is to create a safe place for all women on campus. Students can use its breastfeeding and pump zone, pick up some chlorine-free pads and tampons, pregnancy tests and get assistance with sexual or domestic violence. 

“I think it’s important because students don’t have to go through things alone,” said the Women’s Center Director Adhila Bukhari. “And that’s exactly why we’re here, [the Women’s Center] is to just help advocate and guide students through traumatic processes or if they just want to come and hang out in a safe place.” 

Their office is located at Cesar Chavez Student Center Room T-116.

Education & Referral Organization for Sexuality 

EROS offers a communal space where students can ask questions about their sexuality, sexually transmitted infections or their bodily autonomy. Students can also pick up free condoms, dental dams, gloves and lube.

According to EROS Director Helen Everbach, their office is a space where students are welcome to be curious and ask for help. 

“We’re a physical space where students can hang out,” Everbach said. “Students can come and talk to us about sex or just about anything.” 

Their office is located at Cesar Chavez Student Center Room M-109. 

Art Gallery

At the Art Gallery,  campus members can observe artwork by students, faculty and professional artists alike. The gallery offers three to four exhibits per semester, opening receptions for each exhibit and weekly events. 

According to the SF State Student Center, the gallery aims to showcase a diverse array of art through socially relevant issues and cutting-edge work. 

The Gallery is located at the Cesar Chavez Student Center Terrace level across from EROS.

Richards Oakes Multicultural Center

This center allows students to conduct a variety of events such as poetry readings, art exhibits, open forums, discussions, theater performances, lectures, dances and even student-led lessons. 

According to the center, their main goal is to create an environment for students to intersect and exchange ideas. Its name pays homage to Richard Oakes, a leader who fought for recognition of Native sovereignty.

Director of the Culture and Social Justice section Shanice Robinson wants students to know that she and these programs are here to accommodate students.

“I’m a student first before I’m an employee and I’m here to serve students,” she said. “I want to be a steward. I want to be someone that students feel comfortable to come to.” 

The center is located at  Cesar Chavez Student Center Room T-143.

Education and Equity

Project Connect

This program aims to be a bridge between marginalized communities and the college experience. Its goal is to help SF State students by offering financial support, such as book loans, internships and scholarships.

According to Senior Director of Education and Equity Adriana Gallardo, internships are an important part of Project Connect. 

“We encourage students through internships and we help them build their resume,” Gallardo said. “My hope through these internships is that they get connected to scholarships and jobs.” 

Project Connect reaches out to high schools throughout the city to help young students create a college plan. It also offers Spanish outreach as an effort to engage with a larger group of students in Spanish-speaking communities.

Their office is located at  Cesar Chavez Student Center Room T-139.

Legal Resource Center

This program temporarily closed after the lawyer who volunteered at the center had to leave the program for personal reasons. AS is hoping to reopen it next semester. 

“We’re redoing the space and then we’re also reassessing how it can be an effective resource center without getting into any kind of legal troubles,” said AS President Karina Zamora. “[We’re] making sure that we’re doing everything by the book.” 

Their offices are located at Cesar Chavez Student Center Room M-113A.

Environmental Resource Center

This program manages the Sol Patch Community garden and the AS greenhouse, which are open to all students who want to get involved in gardening, regardless of experience. Gator Groceries even offers produce grown in this campus garden.

The center also created the Food Rescue initiative, a program that seeks to minimize the amount of food waste on campus. According to the ERC, 100 to 400 lbs. of food are wasted every day on campus. 

Additionally, the Zero Waste initiative strives to reduce the overall waste at SF State by recycling and reusing as much as possible. Students can find more information and training on both these initiatives at the ERC office.

Their offices are located at  Cesar Chavez Student Center Room T-121.

Events and Entertainment

The Depot 

This underground stage serves as a concert, comedy and spoken word venue for student performers and traveling artists. Students can enjoy a variety of free events all listed on the venue’s Instagram.

The Depot is located at the Cesar Chavez Student Center lower level.


In this screen-lit space, students can enjoy almost two dozen different arcade games as well as professional pool tables. The center also organizes weekly pool competitions.

Rack-n-Cue is located at the Cesar Chavez Student Center recreation and dining level.


The Productions staff are in charge of organizing campus events from musical acts to comedy. They also offer photography, videography and editing services for events to all students at a low cost.

Their office is located at Cesar Chavez Student Center Room T-115.

Specialized Community Programs

Project Rebound

This program was founded in 1967 as an initiative from late SF State Professor Emeritus John Irwin, who wanted formerly incarcerated people to enroll at the university. Project Rebound assists these students with their college applications, financial aid questions and the different roadmaps for college success. 

The program encourages formerly incarcerated people to get their education regardless of what their application may look like.

Their office is located at  Cesar Chavez Student Center Room T-161.

Early Childhood Education Center

This program supports student parents by offering childcare on campus at a low cost. Prices vary depending on the economic scale and the age of the child. There are two grants for parents who qualify as low income and the center also offers internships for students interested in working in early childhood education.

Their office is located at 1 State Drive, across from the Seven Hills Conference Center.

“When I was a freshman, access was a huge issue,” said AS Chief of Staff Iese Esera. “I didn’t know the Cesar Chavez center had all these programs and all these doors that are literally open to any student.”

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