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Black Laughs Matter

Black Laughs Matter

March 4, 2020

SF State Alumni Moderates Poetry Jam

Jazzmene Lizardo, Staff reporter

February 26, 2020

As the talking quiets down, a line of poets begin to introduce themselves through their spoken word, filling the room with their excerpts and explanations of their books, “Tiny” Gray-Garcia takes the lead. Born and rai...

Block Fest Helps Keep Tenderloin Creative

Jazzmene Lizardo, Staff reporter

February 12, 2020

Music and tender soul of Rita Whittaker’s voice spread through Counterpulse while artist’s paint at their stations on the first Friday of the Tenderloin Block Art Festival. Placed in a small well-lit  venue with red p...

Independent filmmakers showcase work at SF

Jeremy Julian

February 11, 2020

A wild night filled with bizarre drug-fueled trips and bright neon lights. This is the basic plotline for “The Wave”, one of the independent films showcased at the 2020 San Francisco IndieFest. The Wave was directed by Gille ...

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