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November 8, 2022


Juliana Yamada

Morgan Jones and her dog, Twig, vote in Annex I on SF State’s campus on Nov. 8, 2022. (Juliana Yamada / Golden Gate Xpress)

According to Poll Clerks at SF State’s Annex I building, most of the voters that arrived cast provisional ballots, due to students not re-registering to vote in the Bay Area’s congressional districts. 

“We are far off campus, people have to work to get here but if you want to vote, you will make the effort to get here,” said Rylie Velez, an SF State sophomore who’s volunteering as a poll clerk. 

People leave the polls at Annex I on SF State’s campus on Nov. 8, 2022. (Juliana Yamada / Golden Gate Xpress) (Juliana Yamada)

Many of the people arriving were students and first-time voters looking to participate. 

“Students that move away or have a different mailing address didn’t register to vote but still want to vote can with a provisional ballot,” said Andrea Soto, an SF State sophomore who’s volunteering as a poll clerk. 

Provisional ballots are still counted, but only after election officials verify the person submitting is registered to vote and hasn’t double-voted. Only 15 in-person ballots were recorded by 1 p.m Tuesday.

Annex I is located behind the Lot 20 parking structure, and many students circulated the building amid light rain showers. 

“I think [the location] is great, it is on campus a lot of students can vote, but also not a lot of people know about this on campus,” said SF State student Kenneth McKnight. “A lot of my friends did not know about this.” 

SF State shuttle service was provided to and from Annex I, but only upon student request. 

“I am not sure if voting back home or voting out here is the same, we may be voting on different issues and voting for different people but I think just taking the chance wherever you are to vote is important,” said Delmar Lule, a student shuttle driver.

Voters cast their ballots in Annex I on SF State’s campus on Nov. 8, 2022. Turnout was low, with voters coming in waves. (Juliana Yamada / Golden Gate Xpress) (Juliana Yamada)

Reproductive rights are a popular topic on the ballot and many voters felt uneasy about the impending results. 

Voter Morgan Jones expressed her concerns about reproductive rights and what she was most hopeful for today.

“For our future, I have a kid and I am pregnant and I just don’t want anyone’s rights taken away,” Jones said with tears in her eyes as she walked out of Annex I. 

Despite the voter turnout, Diaz was hopeful more students would come later in the day.

“Voter suppression, sometimes that happens and intimidation can happen on voting day,” Diaz said. “I hope none of that really happens and everyone is able to get out and voice their opinions.”

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