An illustration of boxes and a package thief over a photo taken of apartment doors at University Park South. Photo taken on Feb. 10, 2023. (Illustration by Tatyana Ekmekjian and Adriana Hernandez / Golden Gate Xpress) (Tatyana Ekmekjian)
An illustration of boxes and a package thief over a photo taken of apartment doors at University Park South. Photo taken on Feb. 10, 2023. (Illustration by Tatyana Ekmekjian and Adriana Hernandez / Golden Gate Xpress)

Tatyana Ekmekjian

Students’ packages are being stolen from their doorstep

Since August, there have been three dozen theft-related crimes reported in the University Park South community.

February 12, 2023

When SF State student Taylor Dreher hears a particular notification go off on her phone, she ends up rushing to her front door where she sees the package she ordered on her front doorstep. However, some students open their doors with no package to be found.

Dreher lives in a townhouse that faces one of the main streets in University Park South. She has previously lived in University Park North’s highrises and the Towers at Centennial Square.

“When I moved in, I just kinda resigned myself to losing pretty much anything that isn’t delivered on a day when I’m home –– so far that hasn’t happened,” Dreher said. 

Since living in UPS, she has not had any of her belongings stolen, unlike when she lived in UPN.

“I’ve had all kinds of things stolen –– clothes, money, medicine,” Dreher said “I order a lot of my stuff because I can’t drive, so my experience is probably skewed in the sense that I probably get more packages than the average person.

Jamie Haymond, a lieutenant in UPD’s field operation division, said there have been a total of 36 related crimes of theft at SF State from Aug. 22, 2022 to Feb. 6, 2023. There have been three reported robberies, 12 grand thefts and 21 petty thefts.

“Theft does tend to occur at a higher rate than other crimes on this campus,” Haymond said in an email.

She also mentions that upperclassmen housing, like UPN and UPS, tend to have more thefts reported.

According to Haymond, there have been two robberies and thefts reported at the Village at Centennial Square, two at Mary Ward Hall, two at the Towers, four at UPN and three at UPS.

Mary Park Hall did not have any reports of robberies or theft.

According to Haymond, investigations for robberies and theft are handled based on the circumstances of the crime. 

UPD starts by checking surveillance cameras, both in the private and public areas. They also start to collect witness statements, evidence and potential suspects. UPD will attempt to track a package or item if it is trackable.

UPD said they are increasing patrols around campus, working with housing to address these issues and engaging in a community awareness program called “timely warnings” in order to provide safety tips to students. 

Jeanette Romo is a residential assistant in charge of block 5 in UPS.

Romo said she has not gotten any complaints from residents about stolen packages, but knows it is a problem students are facing.

“I feel that students should just be extra attentive to the times their packages are arriving and are making sure that someone or themselves are there to receive it,” Romo said.

According to Romo, residents should check all areas of their housing since some packages can be dropped off at the front door, back door and around the surrounding area.

UPD encourages students to report any crimes that happen, even if they feel it’s unnecessary to report.

According to Dreher, the times when she had her belongings stolen, she did not call UPD and instead decided to contact the company and reorder.

“That kinda seems like too much effort for something they probably can’t help with,” Dreher said. “What are they gonna do realistically? I’m not sure. I also don’t enjoy interacting with the police when I don’t have to.”

According to Haymond, students can request a signature, send packages to a store, develop friendships with neighbors or send their packages to be delivered to towers to prevent theft.

Dreher tries to be home when she has packages being delivered or has a friend pick it up for her.

The Towers provide mail service to all SF State students, no matter what housing community you are a part of. The mailing address is below.

[Full Name] [Last 5 digits of SFSU ID]

796 Font Blvd

San Francisco, CA 94132

According to Romo, UPS residents can send their mail to Manzanita Square.

[Full Name] [Last 5 digits of SFSU ID]

2 Varela Ave, Apartment [#]

San Francisco, CA 94132

“Members of the SF State community are encouraged to remain alert and observant, and to report any suspicious or concerning activity to UPD immediately,”Haymond said.

To report a crime, call dispatch at (415) 338-2222 or go to the lobby at UPD.

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