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Latin America is a musically rich region where one can find many different styles of music including punk, metal and psychedelia, and folk. (Illustration by Joshua Carter / Golden Gate Xpress)

Celebrate Latin American women with our second biweekly playlist

The second edition of Golden Gate Xpress’ Latin American playlist celebrates Women’s Month by curating female-identifying only songs from the region. Punk, Folk and Cumbia to celebrate la mujer Latinoamericana.

March 17, 2023

Anacaona (Indian Chief and Poet from Haiti) 

From a very young age, I internalized that women in Latin America suffer from repression, violence and inequality. And yes, women in Latin America are subject to patriarchy, just like women in the United States. So, to speak more on women, here is Letícia Luna, managing editor for Golden Gate Xpress. 

Leti here! 

When speaking about Latin women, it’s impossible not to acknowledge the resilience necessary to fight against a patriarchal society. Women are continuously breaking into all fields normally seen as reserved for men, creating and transforming their space in this world.

Oscar curated this playlist with regard for women who have broken stigmas using their music to fight. Happy Women’s Month. 


Anacaona (Cacique y Poetisa Haitiana) 

Desde una edad muy joven, empecé a internalizar que las mujeres en Latinoamérica sufren de represión, violencia, y desigualdad. Sí, es el caso, las mujeres en Latinoamérica son víctimas de un patriarcado que no solo afecta a esta región sino también a este país en el que vivimos. Para hablar más de este tema, aquí está Leticia Luna, Editora Ejecutiva de Golden Gate Xpress.

Aqui, Leticia:

Cuando se habla de la mujer Latinoamericana, es imposible no reconocer la fuerza y determinación necesarias para combatir el patriarcado de nuestra sociedad. Las mujeres continúan rompiendo barreras y se asientan en campos que normalmente han sido reservados para los hombres, de esta forma creando y transformando su espacio en este mundo.

Oscar compuso esta lista de canciones para honrar a todas esas mujeres que continúan rompiendo estigmas a través de su música. Feliz mes de la mujer.

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Oscar Palma, Spanish Editor
Oscar Palma is the Spanish editor for Golden Gate Xpress; some of his interests are bicycles, vinyls, film, dive bars, Latin American literature and punk shows. He is interested in covering cycling, environment and underground shows, some of his work has previously appeared at El Tecolote and The Frisc.
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Letícia Luna, Editor-In-Chief
Letícia Luna (she/her) is the Editor-in-Chief for Golden Gate Xpress. Leti has been pursuing a career in journalism since her time at Laney College, where she was editor-in-chief of the college's student publication The Citizen. Connecting to people and giving them voices is what brought her to journalism. Letícia was an audience intern at the San Francisco Chronicle during summer 2022 before transferring to SF State. In her spare time, Leti can be found exploring the outdoors and hanging out with her friends.
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Joshua Carter, Editor-in-Chief
Joshua Carter (he/him) is the editor-in-chief for Golden Gate Xpress. He transferred from CCSF as a creative writing major but quickly switched to photojournalism with a minor in geography once he landed at SF State. Joshua spent six years in the Navy, served as photo and nonfiction editor at Forum literary magazine, interned as an editorial intern at Alternative Press, and is striving to be a groundbreaking filmmaker and multimedia journalist. In his free time he listens to audiobooks, falls into wiki holes for hours, and performs with his punk band.

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