An illustration of the San Francisco skyline with the bay colored in green to represent Saint Patrick’s Day. (Miguel Francesco Carrion / Golden Gate Xpress) (Miguel Francesco Carrion)
An illustration of the San Francisco skyline with the bay colored in green to represent Saint Patrick’s Day. (Miguel Francesco Carrion / Golden Gate Xpress)

Miguel Francesco Carrion

Here is a list of bars in San Francisco to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Plus tips on how to stay safe as you party the day away

March 17, 2023

San Francisco has a history of Irish immigration and influence since the 1840s, from civil engineer Michael M. O’Shaughnessy’s work creating San Francisco’s early MUNI railway system, to surveyor Jasper O’Farrell’s efforts in developing the SOMA district. There is even a church dedicated to Ireland’s most celebrated patron saint, St. Patrick, in the heart of SOMA. Founded in 1851, St. Patrick’s Church is a San Francisco historical landmark, catering to the ever-changing and multicultural parishioners in the neighborhood. 

This Gaelic influence has brought thirty Irish bars and restaurants to the city, and many are hosting events where those of legal drinking age can partake in the festivities of St. Patrick’s Day. The United Irish Cultural Center, located in the Sunset district on 2700 45th Ave., will host an all-day event with traditional Irish music, food and dancing. GGX created a map of bars grouped by neighborhoods and price tag for those interested in bar hopping this St. Patrick’s day. We also made sure to include tips to party safely in the city.

Tips for drinking in the city

1. Drink plenty water

This is rule one when drinking, whether at home or out and about. Staying hydrated not only helps prevent a potential hangover, but punctuating your alcoholic drinks with cups of water can hinder overconsumption. The general rule of thumb is one alcoholic drink per hour, and mixing in some water will help you stick to that schedule. Remember, if you don’t drink enough water between drinks, no amount of water will get rid of the headache the next day.

2. Know your limits

Sometimes the pressure of trying to keep up can take you over the edge of what you would normally drink alone or in another setting. San Francisco is a city where bartenders like to congregate, especially on a “drinking” holiday like St. Patrick’s Day, but you don’t have to partake in every round of drinks or shots. Be comfortable enough to say no. 

3. Carry some cash

Most bars and restaurants prefer to use contactless means of payment; however, this is not always the rule in San Francisco, and even some of the bars on the map are cash only. Carrying about $20-30 in mixed bills will not only supply you with a good amount of alcohol if you utilize St. Patrick’s Day specials, but it will also be a good backup in case you need cash for a slice of pizza before going home. Even if the places you go to take cards, bartenders will likely be your new friend if you leave them a cash tip, and if you end up at a bar with live performers they will appreciate your tip too. 

4. Go with a friend

Using the buddy system is always the best bet to stay safe when going out. Looking out for each other and keeping each other accountable lowers the chance,s of overconsumption and an extra set of eyes helps to prevent drink tampering. Stick together if you decide to bar hop and communicate if anything seems off.

5. Make sure you have a ride home

The worst thing to do is drink and drive. According to Forbes, the highest rate of drunk driving occurs in drivers between the ages of 21-24. Make sure to have your phone charged before you leave so that you can order an Uber for a ride home, or pay attention to the public transit schedules of Muni and BART. Remember, SF State students can ride Muni trains for free and get discounts on BART.

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