PHOTOS: Amtrak collision at Oakland station leaves passengers stranded


Passengers headed as far north as Seattle were stranded at the Oakland Amtrak station after two trains collided head-on Wednesday night.

There were no serious injuries, according to passengers.

Passengers involved in the crash reported hearing a loud noise before the train lurched forward suddenly.

EMTs were on-site within minutes to treat the injured, and snacks, water and juices were provided to the passengers while they waited for instructions from Amtrak and Oakland Police.

An elderly woman was being treated at the scene for a bump on her head and a swollen knee, which she had recently been replaced, according to her travel companion.

One train was traveling from Los Angeles to Seattle, while the other train was coming from the Central Valley. Reports from passengers on the Los Angeles train indicated that the Southbound train was empty. Amtrak would not comment on the situation to the media.

Most passengers expressed irritation at the delay and lack of information from Amtrak, but also relief that nobody was seriously injured.

Amtrak collision Oakland
An unidentified policeman stands in front of two Amtrak trains that collided in the Oakland station late Wednesday night. Photo by Elijah Nouvelage.
Colin Haughin, 78 (left), and Nancy Prentice, 73 (right), wait at the Oakland Amtrak station for friends from Sacramento to pick them up following a head-on collision between two trains in the Oakland station late Wed. night. Nobody was seriously injured. Photo by Elijah Nouvelage.
Damage to the station platform is visible after two Amtrak trains collided in the Oakland station late Wed night. Photo by Elijah Nouvelage.
Amtrak crash Oakland
An Amtrak spokesman talks to passengers stranded when their train collided with another one in the Oakland station. Passengers heading further than Sacramento are unsure when their journey will continue. Photo by Elijah Nouvelage.